Call of Duty WW2

4년 전

I have not been a CoD fan since black ops 2 and after watching videos of the multiplayer action on the mighty You Tube, the CoD WW2 game looks to me, more of a map pack update for MW3.

I can only say that Battlefield 1 is doing to the CoD franchise what Fifa did to Pro Evolution Soccer, CoD has been shown up like a Dad dancing at your wedding for too long and leaking piss and shit from his colostomy bag, no one need to see this shit.

The maps need to have more depth than a rice crispie.

Programmers employed for making CoD need to up they're game before they drag this franchise down like a weighted life jacket on a fatty, and retire to Davy Jones's locker forever.

Sort it out you lazy facking sissys


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to me cod has been dead since ghosts came out, after that came out the whole series went down hill. I sometimes play mw2 on my 360 for fun, that is one of the all time greatest games ever made


Hi Alex, appreciate and respect that you took the time to make that comment. Many blessings


I appreciate the comment, Thank you. Many blessings