NOT THAT WAY, AKA MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma

2년 전

Free Bitcoin! Sort of ... kind of ... not really.

  • Game came out a little over a day ago.
  • Costs $2 on Steam
  • If you can solve all 24 enigmas and what I would assume solve a master puzzle you will have discovered the keys to a bitcoin wallet that contains one whole bitcoin!
    The game was built using the unreal engine, and it features a troll/mayor that endlessly tells you you’re going the wrong way!
  • Once the bitcoin wallet is claimed the game will effectively shutdown (I guess so you don't waste your time)
    Basically you have to navigate a maze to find 24 rooms with puzzles in them. BUT, you only have 60 min per session to explore and then you are forced to start over (fun)! Don’t worry, they made it super easy for you by only putting 9 rooms on the map, and not providing a point or reference for where you currently stand on the map! Needless to say getting lost and spending hours playing is easy to do if you enjoy puzzles and the allure of 11 thousand dollars, or 9 thousand, errr 13 thousand dollars in prize pool.

It reminds me a lot of an old school video game easter egg hunt (kind of like what is described in the book Ready Player One). Even better, to help you remind yourself of which way to go you can leave signs on the walls like digital breadcrumbs, but, so can everyone else! Needless to say there is a good amount of dick and fart posts as well as disinformation mixed in with the truth. The developers really put a lot of time into the puzzles and the overall content spread throughout the maze that may or may not be of any use to those trying to find the keys to the bitcoin wallet.
game image
In just a little over a day multiple discord servers have popped up as well as many reddit and discussion boards dedicated to trying to solve these clues. The old saying that one person can keep a secret but two cannot, definitely proves true as more and more details of what has been solved is posted, but then, how much of that is real or just disinformation. This digital treasure hunt is timely, entertaining, fun to play, until the frustration sets in!

Over all I think its worth the 2 bucks just to check out the novelty of it! Regardless of what you think of the game style, I am guessing that it is going to gather a large following and have many a “troll” meme spawned from it. Here are some links to the details of the game.
second discord

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Did you happen to buy the game and try it out?


Yup ... solved 5 on my own before digging into the helper community

A lot of these are hard to solve and I think it’s going to be months before someone solves this thing

It’s a fun novelty thing for me ... I won’t be the one that wins the prize :)

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