My Unpopular Mario Opinions

4년 전

Today, Since I have no time for a review, and waiting for next update for weapon of the day, im going to list off my Unpopular Mario opinions

first off id like to point that these are my own duh. so dont get angry when i have an opinion you dont like, we are all humans with different thoughts and opinions after all

  1. I never liked mario kart 64.

  2. Sunshine is actually my favorite 3D mario.

  3. Galaxy 1 is much better then Galaxy 2 to me

  4. I actually enjoyed Paper Mario Sticker star for what it was

  5. Never Liked Bowser Jr's character, too much of a spoiled Brat. I guess thats the point of the character, which in that case. they totally succeeded

  6. I never wanted Rosalina in smash 4

  7. I never Wanted Geno in Brawl

  8. I never was bothered by Daisy saying "hi im Daisy" in mario kart double dash

  9. King boo is a pretty forgettable villain to me, I get that he is one of the most threatening villains in the series. but after playing the Mario and luigi series and super paper mario...not so much to me anymore

  10. I never liked the Double Racer mechanic in Double dash, and I much prefer the Kart customization mechanic that replaced it in 7 and 8

  11. I Did not like Super mario RPG

  12. While Thousand Year door is a good game, its still pretty overrated

  13. Super Paper Mario had the Best Villain in the Mario series. period

  14. Wario and Waluigi should NOT be in the Mario RPGs. but they they should get own RPG instead

  15. Partners in time is Criminally underrated

  16. to me. Mario party 5 is not the worst of the main mario parties

  17. the Blue Shell Power up in New super marios bros is the best power up in the series

  18. I was never bothered by the Blue/Spiny shell in Mario kart.

  19. I never liked the koopalings. and I wonder why they keep bringing them back

  20. I liked Dream Team more the Bowser's inside story

And those are 20 of my unpopular Mario Opinions. agree to any of them?

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I actually like 'Partners in time' too - don't get why a lot of people hate it so much


its not really much of hate for people. its just they dont talk about it

Beautiful writeup!Thanks for sharing.

The original Mario and the 3rd Mario games were the best just saying son.... lol

What about Mario 64?? I was a huge fan, that and Star fox were the only reasons why I even got a 64


its a good game. but i grew up with the DS remake


got it, what do you think about all these classic consoles coming out?


A great Chance for newer kids to see How the Older Generations of Games were like. so They are alright.