Alchemilla - the sound of the sirens again.

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Alchemilla means really Silent Hill: Alchemilla. The game was created as a mod Half-Life 2 created on the engine Source. The game is produced by the Russian studio White Noise.

We go back to the good old Silent Hill

Every fan of the series will find many familiar elements here. Alchemilla - the closest to SH 1 - we have the all around us fog, a part of the city to visit and new locations as in every part. We start our adventure in an abandoned house and a moment later, after all the well-known sound of the siren, we land at the beginning of our adventure in Alchemilla Hospital. We will also visit the Silent Hill Town Center, an apartment building similar to this SH 4 Room and a maze of streets.


What's new?

Not much. The game has implemented all the solutions known to us from other parts - except for fighting. There are no enemies here, the only thing we will have to face are puzzles. Mathematical knowledge and logical thinking will help us to solve them. The authors tried to make sure that our gray cells were not free.
Exploration is another topic, if you intend to fly the game quickly then be sure that you will not succeed. You should search every corner to avoid unnecessary returning to the same locations.


To sum up

The adventure will take us max 6-7 hours. The audio-visual experience is at the highest level. I must admit that the White Noise team gave us a very good game, for fans a must-have position.

How to play?

You can download the game yourself Silent Hill: Alchemilla at the bottom of the game. In order for the game to work you need to have Steam, because the game is installed in your library. NOTE: To run the game you need to download the Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer from Steam (if you don't already have it). Everything is free of course.

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This looks really good!

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Thank you very much.


Your welcome 😁

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Looks like a good atmospheric game... thankfully without the enemies! I can't play jump scare games... not if I want to sleep at night!... strategy and rpg is more my thing!


This game is not that scary. The atmosphere is built mainly by music.

jcartoken voting~^^