The WolfGuard Chronicles - diarised adventures (1)

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The Guild of WolfGuards

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These are their SPN adventures, as chronicled faithfully by their scribe
Oliver Barnabas Bede III, esq.

The WolfGuards, although still a little short on crew members, are busy readying their new airship leased out by UltimaCorp, and are understandably very keen to pick up some missions.
The Captain and Lieutenant Oendertuerk, however, were heard at one point loudly discussing the finer points of the difference between being privateers and pirates, and I am not sure they have yet fully resolved the issue.

The Captain has been singing a little ditty today. The crew have agreed that while it is a very odd song, it is also rather catchy and sounds familiar in a distant-past kind of way ...

on the good airship
its a sweet pirate's trip
to the candy ol' rum shop
where bon-bons SPN fighters play
on the sunny beach
of peppermint Captain Morgan bay
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Someone had the bright idea of printing off some bumper stickers for the airship. They had apparently read that this was a 'thing' people did in the past, plastering their vehicles with all manner of pronouncements.
So now we have this stuck firmly to the rear of the ship -
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although the Captain has been threatening to order it be scraped off before any member of UltimaCorp sees it.

When some of their SPN team mates heard that the WolfGuards had finally been given their new airship to command, they chipped in and gave them a nice piece of artwork to hang in the ship. I'm not sure that all crew members truly appreciated the humour, though.
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As one of the jobs I must undertake for the guild is that of keeping supplies well-stocked, I have taken the liberty of ordering several items from the latest UltimaCorp catalogue.

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Bumpty-Dumpty's Locomotion Neutralising Pills
When the collywobbles hit, hit back with these.
Remain fresh and alert, even after those long excursions or dodgy meals.

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Slippery Eel's Lubricant of Extreme Friction
This is the oil every good mechanic knows won't let you or your machine down, whether a player is on stealthy missions or hastily retreating during rapid extractions.
Guaranteed no noise or seizing from your equipment.

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Captain Nemo's Magically Aqueous Scribing Fluid
When you need to send those coded reports, sensitive messages,
or graphical illustrations in a rather perspicuous manner.

Meanwhile, the Captain assigned Cadet K3lda with an important task. He is currently watching a series of vlog documentaries, which will apparently glean us much information about what to expect while on our missions. It is certainly good to be prepared.
If anyone reading this diary wishes to track down a copy of the series, the name of it is Star Trek. The crew were early UltimaCorp members, I believe, and very successful in their adventures.
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Guild of WolfGuards
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