The WolfGuard Chronicles - diarised adventures (2)

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The Guild of WolfGuards

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These are their SPN adventures, as chronicled faithfully by their scribe
Oliver Barnabas Bede III, esq.

Recently we had some down-time while waiting for more supplies, and the Captain suggested having an Arts & Crafts day. Apparently this would help make the crew's fingers nimble and exercise their right-brains. As everyone had different ideas - or no ideas - the Captain performed a hat draw, and it was our lieutenant's suggestion chosen.

Last I counted we have 37 dreamcatchers hanging in the airship.

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Yesterday, the Captain was given orders for a lone assignment which she was relieved to undertake after all our inactivity lately. She was gone for several hours, and there was much speculation amongst the crew as to what she was doing. It was a great surprise when she came back with stacks of what she said were called 'crates of beer'. All but one crate was quickly delivered to the UltimaCorp executives; and the remaining crate was apparently the 'spoils'. According to our Captain this was commonly known as "falling off the back of a lorry".
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Cadet K3lda was busy for some time, trying to fit all the bottles into the ship's minibar. He joked that it reminded him of the old computer game Tetris.

The Captain showed us some photographs of the place she went to, called a brewery, to procure this refreshment. She said she had never seen so much copper in one place, and that if we ever needed to make repairs to the airship, this was the factory we could take materials from.
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Guild of WolfGuards
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an awesome MMORPG blockchain game you can play simply by doing the things you normally do on Steemit; and it doesn't matter what your rep level is, everyone has an equal chance of winning battles and collecting loot.
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Thank you, much appreciated. :)

Yeah 37 dreamcatcher! everywhere dreamcatcher! now our nights are safe! nice one! ;))


As warriors, it is important we get our beauty sleep ... :D