The WolfGuard Chronicles - diarised adventures (5)

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The Guild of WolfGuards

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These are their SPN adventures, as chronicled faithfully by their scribe
Oliver Barnabas Bede III, esq.

The Captain has become deeply concerned over rumours she has heard regarding the experiments going on in the airship kitchen, thanks to Cadet K3lda.
At first all our meals consisted of potatoes. All the time. So the Captain sent Cadet K3lda off to cooking school for the good of our health (and her sanity, the Captain was heard to mumble).
Unfortunately, someone has given CK the idea that it would be a tasty treat indeed if he combined potatoes with his other favourite meal - Nutella!
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As several members of the UltimaCorp council are due to come aboard the airship for inspection, we are all worried about what they will be served for lunch.
We have our fingers crossed that CK instead makes a Nutella pizza.
At least this could be called a dessert, and we will not be ridiculed by other Arena warriors.

Recently some workmen were sent by the Council to install a new radio on the airship.
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This was for the purpose, so we found out, of being able to tune in to a weekly broadcast run by one of our UltimaCorp leaders - JediGeiss - on topics of great importance (at least that is what they tell us).
The Captain says it is a good opportunity to make some buttered popcorn and drink rum as we listen in to these great words of wisdom. Lt. Oen'turk, in between his bouts of drinking, decided a better use for the radio would be to listen in on the FIFA World Cup matches.
The Captain now suspects the lieutenant of gambling, which the Council has long declared illegal, and of course Lt. Oen'turk strongly denies it. Though I did hear Cadet K3lda have a quiet bet with the lieutenant on just how long it would take the Captain to "figure it out".

For my last piece of diary news, Cadet Ciel has been entertaining us with her drawings of something called a CryptoKitty. She assures us this is a very popular pasttime in cultured society.
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She has even begun creating video tutorials on the subject, as she is apparently quite an authority on them, along with her passion for something else called a Slothicorn.
The Captain joked that we should expect to see a giant SlothiCryptoKittyCorn painted on the side of C. Ciel's own airship one day.

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Guild of WolfGuards
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