Drawing #6: SkullKid exploring new worlds, and meet the curious Makores~

3년 전

Hi Hi! good night community! I hope you are all good! I am excellent :) Today I want to show you my new drawing, from my favorite game of my favorite saga: Zelda Majora's Mask (an old one), but I personally love it, and Zelda Wind Waker.


The game for me has a good plot and is completely different from the other zeldas, especially since it follows the story of zelda ocarina of time, and culminates the pedro story in that timeline. (But honestly I also like it because I love masks hehehe). But above all, the character that I like most of that game is skullkid, I've always liked it a lot, either because of its design and innocent, playful and curious personality, always wanting new friends, and these days it occurred to me to draw something about it , without following any timeline.

The makores belong to the forests of the islands of zelda wind waker (many years after the time line of majora's mask). They are characters which most are shy but just as curious, and I wanted to make a drawing of a parallel story that occurred to me in my head, about whether skullkid and the makores had ever known each other, I think they would have been great friends :) since for me, they are quite similar, for many reasons.

Skullkid would have been very happy :)

I hope you like what I did, I do it with crayons and I finished it with watercolors.

  • I first started drawing with a drawing pencil a skullkid, (who has more details of drawing) and their friends Tael and Taya, friend of Link also.

  • Followed by the makores and the surroundings.

  • I underlined it with pens.

  • And I started coloring with crayons to skullkid, (look at my finger little hehehe)

  • And finally I ended up coloring the skullkid and the makores.....

But I noticed that I had run out of the light green crayon.... :/ I had forgotten.... So finish coloring the trees and their branches, with watercolors :( (as in the first image)

I was a clumsy for not noticing! hehehe but I think it went well~

I hope you liked it! :)

Bye bye! see you later~

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