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Hello steemians and gamers! Today I have something, which I think is amazing, hope you guys find it amazing too. Today we're going to take a first look into a recently formed eSports team, Klephtic! This is the first in an ongoing series which I'll be exploring both in house and out of house gaming communities, teams, and more. The idea came to me late at night after attending the "Pimp Your Post Thursday", event. Bare with me during this process as it will likely see several iterations of changes before I get it down the way I want it. Before I jump straight into it, I do want to say that this is more or less a trial and error kind of post. I'm hoping it's received well by the gaming community here on steemit. I've also been considering starting a Discord server for this particular project in general. It might be too soon however so I'll keep that on the back-burner until I see how this goes. Without further ado, welcome to the first installment, (work in progress title) Klephtic eSports Spotlight! Let me know what you think this series should be called!

The journey began when I was called late at night on a Sunday. It all began with the creation of a logo, the one you see above right now. More recently I had some time to sit down with the co-founder of Klephtic. I asked if they would like for me to do a spotlight on their team, that I have been planning to create promotional posts on my blog. The idea was received well and I proceeded with my questions...

Team History

When asked how and when Klephtic started, SilentHeist and Smokey responded.

"We started this whole thing because smokey and I wanted everyday players to feel like champions. Our focus was getting friends together to build a community. The team met over the years through games we have common interest in. These games being, Runescape, Rust, and more. In our free time, when we're not grinding our respective games, we like to get together and play Left 4 Dead 2, we play a lot of cooperative style games. The competitive scene can get hectic so this is a good way for us to go back to our roots, playing games for fun."

How did you guys come up with the name Klephtic?

"We we're all drinking and having a great time playing player unknown battlegrounds. I yelled out we should call ourselves, "Smokey's bandits." We all laughed and made jokes about the name but a few days later when we started getting into things; the essence of the name (bandit) stuck with all of us, we did a google search for "bandit" and saw the greek origin, the name became history for us."

Counter Strike

"As a team we're committed to growing together not only as competitive gamers, but as friends. We want to promote a competitive enviroment while also keeping things down to earth and real with our team members.

Ethan "ESB1234" Smith - IGL

Tristan "SilentHeist" Brown - Lurker

Cody "CodeF" Fincher - AWPER

Duane "Zrfy" - SUPPORT


League of Legends

"Group of competitive gamers looking to play at a high level while keeping the fun and integrity of staying friends."

Zack "Sepulus" - Support

Devan "Derakol" - Jungler

Yareel "Ace" - Mid

Travis "Travisogilbet" - Top

Sam "Metal Knight" - ADC


Hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you have questions fill free to ask them in the comment section. Let me know if you have a gaming community, team, or any other gaming related group and would like to be featured in a spotlight! Below is a recently scrim video of Klephtic's league team.


For some reason the video embed link wont work.

Twitch links:


YouTube links:


Steam group:


Stay tuned for more.

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