HIGHLIGHTS #25 [Fortnite]

3년 전

@Africa and I decided to work together to produce some gaming and funny contents. So we'll realize several videos on different kind of games as Fortnite, Rocketleague, Overwatch and all licenses we love to play.

Don't be shy and come tell us in the comments what you think of our videos, which games do you want us to play and post about.

We're totally open to the feedback. What we want first is you to be satisfied! So we promise to make our videos better and better. We just began to learn about video montage.

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keep the good work continue.

I enjoy the game you send, thanks for sharing good games

Hey yuguers, I'm brand new to Steemit / DTube and haven't seen much fortnite content so I love what you're doing. I was wondering if you'd have any interest in letting me edit your clips (see my channel for examples). Either way, much love from Canada <3

haha.Are you really good at it? Can you show me your machine configuration? I know I can do it.

Hello, I have just Subscribed =}

Someone is using your video bro I just found this >> https://dlive.io/video/watchmojo1/04b2ad60-5ecf-11e8-80ae-97b33bad0315