EPIC ZAP N°1 [Fortnite]

3년 전

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@Africa and I decided to work together to produce some gaming and funny contents. So we'll realize several videos on different kind of games as Fortnite, Rocketleague, Overwatch and all licenses we love to play.

Don't be shy and come tell us in the comments what you think of our videos, which games do you want us to play and post about.

We're totally open to the feedback. What we want first is you to be satisfied! So we promise to make our videos better and better. We just began to learn about video montage.

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Good game sir how to get this game
Hopefully your success I want to promote this game

I love this nice game, and new mode 50/50 is so interesting and is the similar to battlefield , thanks for sharing nice video


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Such a nice costume and gameplay!

Such a nice game keep it up

Good post @yuguers


Thank you steemrol!


Fallow My channel :)

Once you get a few videos under your belt, it becomes easier. I'm still learning dTube. Good luck.

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niezle Ci idzie zarabianie. Zanim zaczne ja zarabiac to jeszcze troche musze sie naprodukowac. Pozdrawiam

i v ery love this game

Game quality, continue like this.
I do not like spawn, I do not support it, but I will do it because I need to get to 0.50 STEEM DOLLARS just for that amount, I would really appreciate it for your vote in this post!
I thank you!

(Unsupported https://emb.d.tube/#!/saadbutt777/iiyws9yj)
watch this mind #blowing game

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