Microgreens day 3 (fuzzy)

3년 전
in garden

I had to bring in the big camera for this one, but totally worth it.
let's keep a better record of which started sprouting in a table:

inside tray

Parsleyonion*dillsavoryWelsh onionleek - Day 2savory
Flixweed* - Day 3lettuce* - Day 2radish* - Day 2spinach*fenugreek - Day 2garden cress - Day 2radish -Day 2
Alfalfa - Day 2peasbasil*celerybasilviolet basil - Day 3clover

one of the peas also started sprouting but I'll consider them more like say 4.

day3 (5).jpg

radishes, lettuce and garden cress look very fuzzy, here's a closeup:
day3 (1).jpg

day3 (2).jpg

leeks decided to join the party:
day3 (4).jpg

basil started sprouting but it's hard to see
day3 (3).jpg

Flixweed sprouts where too small I totally forgot to take a close-up picture of them.
the outside tray, not much happened this morning I've checked, it seems to be too cold for them to start.

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Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

Apologies in advance for the spam, I assure you, it's for a good cause. I gave you a tiny ass vote, you won't notice it, but, I did.