Most Recent Garden Harvest!

3년 전


I have to figure out what's going on with our yellow cucumbers... Maybe not enough water.

Green onion

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Cucumbers turn yellow if they have been on the vine too long (over-mature)

yellow cucumbers are generally not fit for consumption. A yellow cucumber can also be the result of a virus, too much water, or a nutrient imbalance. In some instance, yellow cucumbers are derived from planting a yellow-fleshed cultivar, such as the lemon cucumber, which is a small, lemon-shaped, pale yellow variety.

Nice harvest! I have been thinking that I will have to document some of the fruits of the Pickleman Garden as well. I also have some cucumbers growing (still yellow flowers now that they have vined up the fence.)

I also have a LOAD of dozens of tomatoes that are all frustratingly green still even though they appear to be big enough to be bought at the store. Sooooon......

I will have to update post but nice haul!