Building a round wood natural pergola for the vineyard!

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IMG_20190719_192916.jpgThe little vineyard needed a roof so the grapes can hang and catch more sun in Poland. Poland is hotter than most people think especially central Poland easily hits the 30+ degrees for weeks. This is because it has a land climate.

I decided to build a small pergola of roughly 12m2 roof space of free Roundwood fresh out of the forest. Perfect moment to use old bolts & old nails.

Small video in 4k


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Looks great! What do you do to prevent rot?

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Frame is from Acacia that easily goes 40 yrs. The roof i just redo in 2hrs for free


Good point, why spend time and money making it last when you fix it in two hours for free!

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That's gonna be awesome when its covered in vines.

cuando la creatividad se hace presente, en la naturaleza estan las condiciones de productividad, y en el entorno los materiales para acondicionar, como lo que hicistes para el viñedo y la pérgola. Felicitaciones, las bendiciones llegan para el laborioso,



''When creativity is present, in nature are the conditions of productivity, and in the environment the materials to condition, like what you did for the vineyard and the pergola. Congratulations, blessings come for the industrious,''

Nice looking pergola! Would love to grow some grapes, my great aunts had a nice one above their patio, reminds me of summers at their house.

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