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I guess.... peas and beans, to harvest for their protein, to make home-beyond-meat, to keep the baby happy?!

Not richer, anyway!
HF21 was everything the whales, bitbots, and insiders hoped it would be.
Congrats on the bud in the oven! <3


hehe thanks @hempy! By whales, you're not talking about me are you? haha jk jk


Hehe of course not... somehow you're still tiny and cute ;D <3

very pretty :)) congratulations.

Just sayin.... there are no good studies out there showing harm to "the developing brain". That was all part of Reefer Madness, unless anyone has proper evidence to support it, and there's none that we're aware of.
Congratulations, @MediKatie and @DRutter!


Thanks for mentioning that @VantoCan! Yeah, some studies like this one show how cannabis accelerates fetal brain development (especially contrasted with alcohol which we know impedes it). The study also shows surprisingly that while cannabis alone isn't harmful, it worsens the negative effects of alcohol; so take-home message: alcohol is a no-no, and cannabis unfortunately exacerbates NOT mitigates alcohol's effects.

It's good to do real science so we can collect good data like this, instead of yay or nay sayers telling you it's always 100% right or wrong. We can only say always wrong, or more accurately "no known safe amount" about alcohol, which has been demonstrated by good science.

Looks like you're growing pumpkins! :-D

I love you, and I'm so excited about all our new adventures together :D

Wow, that's awesome! Congrats!!


Thanks :)
On the ultrasound, we could see on the screen...
Baby's an activist!
No surprise there I guess :P

Congrats on your little bud of joy...:)

Gardens are the best.