My garden: early start

2개월 전

Growing plants from seeds is my hobby. This is what gives me strength and energy, improves my mood. I always look forward to January. Already now you can sow pepper, eggplant, petunia and some other plants for seedlings. A lunar calendar is a great way to plan this.

Visually, it is very difficult to determine the quality of the seeds. It often happens that you have many pots on the window, but only two or three seeds emerge. This year I chose a different method. I put the seeds in water for three to four days and now I plant in pots only those that already have tiny roots. Of course, this does not guarantee that the plant will grow, but at least I do not give way to dead seeds.

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I never have luck growing indoors. the seedling become tall and fall over...before it's warm enough to plant them outside :-(


I, too, am not always successful in this. I think the whole problem is lighting. They become too tall and weak when they lack light. This time I try to use special lamps. I don’t know what will happen. I'll tell you later:)

Thank you very much for the good advice,I will try

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