My garden: Early start. First results.



I have a difficult relationship with annual plants ... If I do not plant them for seedlings, I will not plant them at all ... The fact is that in April-May, when it is time to sow annuals in the ground, the chicks season begins. These are mainly small crows that have lost their parents. Therefore, I often do not have enough time to garden. But I always dreamed that one day I would have a garden full of beautiful flowers. This year I am trying to do everything on time. I have already sown some annual flowers and today I discovered the first sprouts. To make the plants strong and healthy, I use a special lamp. I added hydrogel to the ground. This will help maintain a tender young plant and prevent it from drying out. I generally like the idea of ​​a hydrogel. In hot weather, the hydrogel helps to save flowers. I try to add it to the soil whenever I plant young plants. You can just lower the roots into the hydrogel, and then plant the plant in the ground. You can also add fertilizer or rooting agent to the hydrogel, this will help the plant when transplanting from a pot to an open ground.





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Good luck with your new sprouts :-)