Aquaponics system update week 10

5년 전

General system update with pictures

Hey steemit, I started my system this year april 4th. So it's been running about 10 weeks now.
I have 34 trout and 14 goldfish in there. The trout started at around 30 gr and are now about 125 grams in weight.

Here's a picture of the trout


They are in the ibc in the corner. The orange pipe is the drain from my strawberry nft pipe, hat water has first gone through the growbed for cleaning and drains in the sump, the ibc in front covered to keep out algae. The second growbed drains directly into the fishtank and the fishtank drains in the sump were the pump is to pump it up to the growbeds again.


So far

I had a nice harvest of radishes and some strawberries. The radishes tasted fine and they are cleaner growing in water. I sowed them directly into the beds. The strawberries didn't taste as good as soil ones, I'm working on that.. I also have a bucketload of mint every couple of weeks and plenty of chives and cervil for the kitchen.

Back in aprilearly june



I had a bit of a wilderness going on so I pulled out some stuff that bolted. Rubarb is doing great, I'll soon be able to harvest that, the rest is a bit low on nitrates. I might have to pull out half of the beetroots if the nitrates don't spike up after what I pulled out today.

Borage, tomato and mintRubarb beetroot and pak choi

Nutes in ppm

ElementMy valuesTypical hydroponic solution
N10 - 30210
Mg30 - 4048
Fe0.21 to 5

I'm also adding trace nutrients since last week, but I can't measure those

ph 7
No2 0.1 ppm
NH4 0.05 ppm

I'm surprised at the low values of P and K since I have been adding what I thought was a lot of potassium hydroxide and orthophosphoric acid to balance ph last two weeks. It should be way higher but I cant do much about the low nitrogen, I really need more fish or less plants :(
More fish would be hard for solids buildup, I would at least need a swirl or radial flow filter because they are already building up now in the growbeds and less plants is so hard to choose, I want more not less. I should probably cheat :O

Looking out for

Tomatoes and pakchoi. I've never eaten pakchoi before, tips welcome, it looks a bit pale.
The tomatoes have just started flowering so it will be a while, it's a bit cold outside for tomatoes where I live, but they are cherry tomatoes so high hopes. I forgot the peas hehe.

TomatoPak Choi
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Congratulations @ask-not-please!
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nice...."green"....deserve my upvote and resteem


Thank you. That borage is looking a bit yellow ;)


you are welcome....hahahaha....but loves "green"....

Looks like you have put in a lot of hard work to make all this work. I like your post.
I'm new here on steemit, just getting started.
I will follow you


Thanks I'll do an update soon. Welcome to steemit :D


Thank you for the warm welcome. Looking forard to your next post


It's up now ;), will you be posting stuff?



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I will be following this , as new to gardening and learning


Thanks a lot. It's a great hobby. If you have questions I'll do my best to answer them.