Aquaponics system update week 11

5년 전

Weekly update

Goodday steemit, I've build a sail to sail away to colder places. Harvested some snappeas watched everything grow and added some more micronutrients, making a small mistake there.



The weatherforecast is hot all week with no rain with temperatures reaching 30°C. With trout I have to keep it below 25°C to not risk death and they stop eating at around 23°C. Seeing if this will be enough. Today I started at 20°C water temperature and reached 22,5°C.


edit: my favorite part feeding the fish


'dwarf sweet green' varietythree plants worth

I cooked them for three minutes no condiments. I'm really excited about these, excellent taste, bit buttery and sweet. The larger ones did have 'dready texture' at the seems. (No idea how to say that in English properly ;)
So these grow well and don't take up extra space in my growbed, definitely doing these every year.

I have another variety 'Mrs. Lei', still flowering
pisum sativum Mrs. Lei

Nutes in ppm

ElementMy valuesTypical hydroponic solution
Mg32 - 4048
Fe0.61 to 5

ph 6.6
No2 0.2 ppm
NH4 0.05 ppm

NO2 is up 0.1, I do want to keep it below 0.4. NO2 is highly toxic to fish, it rose this week because of heavy feeding and a bit of uneaten food buildup. pH was between 6.6 and 7.0, I'm happy with that, my target is 6.8.
P and K up a bit this week from adding some mixture I had previously made

bit of a mix up with my micronutrients this week :O
I had this nice list of numbers next to the elements scribbled on a piece of paper on my desk, turned out these were ppm targets !not grams I needed to add, luckily these were in the same ballpark so no poisoning the system fortunately.

Iron chelate

Looking out for

dreaming about sweet sweet corn still, it's all @generikat 's fault, my system is already full :(
maybe I should just cross the fields of wheat to some next by corn field when time comes, farmers May not like that though.
May not be wheat

My jokes are terrible, here's a tomato picture to make up for it.
tomato growing in aquaponics

Thanks for all the upvotes, follow if you want more updates of my system.

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A nice informative post, good work

Congratulations @ask-not-please!
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Just discovered your blog! Looking forward to more pictures and stories from my home country! Coming back for a week or two at the end of summer! And once we move house I might try the aquaponics system to grow some food too! Since the soil is pretty crap here in Cambodia and it rains a lot this might just be a better way! And I love fish... they eat the mosquito larva... double win!


Thank you, I will post more. Cambodia is tropical right? I have a feeling Aquaponics works best with warm water. It's popular in Australia, could be surrounded by poor soil is the main drive though.


Perfect. Yes, tropics! No shortage of warm water here hehe. I'll look into it once we are in the new house!

Good stuff, following.

What do you do with your setup in the winter months?


I had some goldfish surviving in there last winter, It got frozen up badly though, so I can't let my circulation pump run if it's really freezing. The trout will reach plate size end september once they are harvested it's all done. Maybe if it's a mild winter I will see about things like kale and winter spinach


We had kale up here in Canada which grew pretty solid in cold weather above freezing.