Aquaponics system update week 14

5년 전

Happy weekend steemit! How about some beetroot juice? Finally :) Overall plant growth update.


This is how it looked before pulling the beetroots on the right.
aquaponics system

Slow growth

Growth seems to have slowed overall. Chives not growing at all despite having healthy roots. Not sure why everything is a bit pale even the mint. The snow peas and rhubarb are the only things that are performing right now and the new rhubarb growth also looks paler than before. If nutrients are the cause it's probably an imbalance. Last week my nitrates were way up from 10 to 80 ppm but this week they were down to 10 - 20 range again. I don't know if the plants really pulled out that much, maybe it's an algae bloom because my water turned really murky brown this week. That would certainly outcompete some plants.

Tip for the aquaponic beginner: get black ibc's if you can, anything that can help against algae growth is a plus. I've noticed my goldfish at least keep the walls of their tank clean, my trout don't. Too bad I can't let them live together.

I have four tomato plants. One with green fruit on it, but all the leaves except for the top growth died on that plant. Hope it's not some disease that will prevent the fruit from ripening. I partially uncovered the roots and they looked ok. The other three plants still look healthy.

sick leavesnew growth on same plant still heathy



The beetroots grew slower than they should have. I sowed these at the beginning of April, they were tiny for a long time. They sort of had a second growth spurt these last two weeks getting bigger bulbs. I had one quirky plant that didn't want to turn red. Not sure if bad seed or this was because this one plant was positioned at the water inlet of the growbed.

albino?sliced open

Do beetroots grow in aquaponics? The proof is in the eating. Wow what a punch, your screen and my camera doesn't do these vibrant colors justice.

Nutes in ppm

ElementMy valuesTypical hydroponic solution
P25 - 3031
K30 - 45235
Ca140 - 160200
Mg30 - 4048
Fe0.41 to 5

I only added two spoons of calcium carbonate before these measurements. It didn't bump calcium much that I can measure but it did raise ph to 7. Drops around 10 ppm for magnesium and potassium.

Looking out for

It will be some weeks before I have anything to harvest I think. I will put more tomato clones it the empty space unless something better crosses my mind

spicy pepersOMG empty space

Happy steeming, follow for more updates on my system

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Love the beets. I've thought about doing aquaponics but I don't know how well it would work in my area of the country. It might be too cold and the growing season is fairly short compared to southern states.


Thank you. I hadn't eaten beets in over a year I think. The things these fish make me do :)
You should check if some people are already doing it in your state/ region and how. I found most aquaponic enthusiasts really helpful and there are more out there than you would think. I wouldn't recommend heating your water though, some people do it with tilapia.


looks like your tomato has fytoflora
did it get rained on?
have you checked the roots?
if the roots are sick too - it must be
but I could also be wrong
good luck


Hey thanks that's what it looks like. They get rained on. Some cherry tomatoes should be resistant enough to keep the fruit, fingers crossed I have a good variety.


good stuff you got here! i will be checking your posts and hopefully I can learn from your experiences. Cheers!


Thank you :)

Hey friend, thought I would come over and check out your page as well. You have very interesting things going on here. I have followed you as well look forward to the adventure.


Thank you

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