Food preparations

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Hi Steemit

Going to buy groceries seems like a scary trip now. So i started growing vegetables again. As i have done it in the past, so now decided to only grow the easy and strongest ones only

Chard / Silverbeet

This is probably the easiest one. Not the tastiest to eat but for backup food just in case. I grew it once and it keeps growing for many years. In the summer it stops growing and the the new ones regrow from Spring



Also very easy to grow and mature in only a few weeks. Can easily grow in pots also




Very similar to growing chillis. Also easy and quick


Also a good activity while trying to stay at home

Be safe and prepared

Thank you for viewing

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@tipu curate


Thank you madushanka

Wow nice photography.good work
Thanks @djohan
Have a nice day


thank you goldcoin, have a nice day

Very nice buckets of fresh vegetables!! You are very versatile!! Impressive!! Love the fist photo! Would love to try some green!


thank you kaminchan, it's not that hard actually, and as it is not safe to be outside too much, also give me something to do at home

I found potatoes to be easy, have you tried growing them too?


thank you doitvoluntarily, yes i have tried, but i don't eat much potatoes , so stopped growing it. Might do it again soon. It gives me some activities while staying home

Stay safe and take care 😀


thank you blazing, you too

Dude im so freakin bored...I went to costco today for croissants, salmon and beyond meat.


hi Kevbot, yes nothing to do and not many sports to watch, better order for online delivery to be safe. lol

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