Strawberry Guava

5개월 전

hi Steemit

This is strawberry Guava from my garden. Planted it 6 years ago, now it has lots of fruits


The tree about 2 meters tall now and easy to grow


A bird ia enjoying the fruit. I don't put nets on my fruits so there are many birds coming to eat


It tastes sweet and a little sour.

Have you tried this fruit before?

Thank you for viewing

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dont think i have tried that one, nice grow work!


thank you doitvoluntarily, it gives me satisfaction getting fruits from my garden



thank you goldcoin


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Looking nice...


thank you davidad

Very nice and useful tree to have in garden!


thank you kaminchan, it gave me a peace of mind that i would have something to eat if everything is locked down

Amazed to see guava of such colors. If it taste like strawberry or it is due to its color. Thanks for sharing @djohan


thank you kamchore, taste more like guava but the texture and color is soft and red like strawberry

Hi @djohan, I think it's the same one they taught me a few months ago but these stay light green and are called Pomarrosa.


Hola @djohan, creo que es la misma que me enseñaron hace unos meses pero estas se quedan de color verde claro y se llaman Pomarrosa.

You sure know how to garden, and good patience...

Sí que sabes cuidar un jardín, y buena paciencia…

At that point they're fine for making jam.

En ese punto están bien para hacer una mermelada.

You're gonna have a lot of birds in the yard ;-)

Vas a tener muchas aves en el patio ;-)

Cook them with sugar to make a nice milk meringue... Greetings @djohan.

Cocinarlas con azúcar para hacer una rica merengada con leche… Saludos @djohan.

Those guavas are beautiful @djohan and the load is abundant, enjoy them...

Están hermosas esas guayabas @djohan y la carga es abundante, disfrútalas…

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