Sunflower Seeds for A Song

3년 전


If there's one thing I always excitedly look forward to when I'm going to my vegetable garden, it's my stalker.

Don't worry, it's not a person. It follows me around the moment it sees me so it kind'a feel like one. Am not sure whether it's the same European red breast robin I've gardened with last year but they both seem to exhibit the same behavior towards me whenever I'm there.

I always go there with my husband and he often opens the gate and goes in there first but this guy only sings and chirps like crazy once I go through that wooden gate. The first time it did, I shrieked but I have to admit it's quite flattering feeling like you're being serenaded.


Last year, after my first encounter with that last year's red breast robin (let's call it that way since am not sure they're the same - they've got no tags on their legs) I've always brought sunflower seeds with me because when I first saw it, it was so aloof and would automatically fly and sit on a trunk or a stem the moment he realizes I noticed him behind me or beside me.

He'd then move his head from one side to another while staring at me.



I wonder whether it was cause he's wondering whether I have some seeds or that he fears that I might throw a rock or something like that at him, too. Not sure whether it's aware of sling shots but I don't carry such things. 'hope it's not fear that makes him do this.


He's not mad at me on this pic .. it was windy that day. Pics appear pretty tiny here so right click on the pic to open image in a new tab.

What happened was, I'd go weeding and pull a lump of grass or dandelion off the ground and go from one grass to another leaving a hole on the ground from the grass I pulled off it. At first, I didn't know that they were scratching the ground nor that they were pecking on an earthworm from it until I noticed that it was tailing me like a stalker.

Curious, I secretly watched him... staring at him with my pupils all drawn to the side of my eye socket. That's when I saw him pull a very long and fat earthworm and do the same on the every other patch I left off.
The next time I went to the garden, I brought some sunflower seeds for him and scattered them on my right side because as you have probably already guessed - I wanted to lure the guy closer to me because why not? It's so cute isn't it?

Autumn arrived and I have seen him lesser and lesser and winter means no more visits for me in my veggie garden.


Guess what, this year, the first time my husband and I went there, we both shrieked when he suddenly went singing on top of that tree the very moment I went through that wooden gate. We looked at each other and asked in a sync; " Could it be the same red breast robin from last year?" I shrugged my shoulder but who knows.

Unfortunately, I only have my D Eye with me and no sunflower seeds when I first went there so he settled on the earthworms from the ground. That day, I brought that tilling tool that weeds off your garden like a grass punisher pulling all the grass off where ever I run it on to so he didn't have a hard time picking earthworms from the ground yet he stayed close to me. That's what made me think ... it's the same bird I've supplied sunflower seeds from last year.


Having removed the tiles on the ground that day, lead me to finding sneaky young naked slugs which I put together in an empty blueberry plastic container and put it on top of the tiles but he's just ignored it. A daddy blackbird profited from them instead which is also okay for they, too are very good at singing specially at dusk.

I told my husband to remind me to bring sunflower seeds the next time we go there but because it was in the afternoon, I forgot. He chirped like crazy when I got there and chirped like crazy when I opened the bag of tools to take the mini shovel out. I felt sorry for making him sing a lot for nothing.


It was past 20:00 when my husband and I went home but the sun was still up and he followed me on the bike path chirping like crazy from tree to tree till I cross the bridge to perdition, I mean .. on the way back to the main road.

Feeling sorry for forgetting to bring some sunflower seeds, I prepared a pack of them and put them in the bag where the gardening tools are for the next visit. Unfortunately, I got sick so I haven't been there.

I still am trying to recuperate from the cough I've acquired from possibly inhaling some harmful pathogens the last time I paid my veggie garden a visit but I really am looking forward to waking up all healed so I could go back there and see my singing gardening companion again.


... hang on in there my darling European red breast robin, I'd be seeing you soon ... hang on in there ..

Any other gardener out there who's experienced being serenaded by any bird? I'd like to hear your story, too. Care to share it below?

This content's 100% mine . I took the pics with my D Eye.. Practicing ORGANIC GARDENING? Join us in the chat. Not practicing organic gardening but is from the EU and gardening? Join us there, too!

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Beautiful story @englishtchrivy.

How happy I am for have such an encounter with this Robin Redbreast.

Your photographs are lovely.

All the best to you mon ami.....Take care. xox


thank you mon ami

I guess am not the only one :)
they're pretty social as you probably already know
and cute!

I hope you're having a great weekend!

  ·  3년 전

Get well soon!!! Sending you the biggest bucket of health I have - and thank you for the wonderfull post :-) Robins are one of a kind - I have a common starling stalking me whenever I'm weeding in the veggie-garden... have to make sure to carry my camera with me tomorrow :-)

Best wishes for you - if everything goes well and perfect, there will be no more coughing tomorrow ;-)


thank you ^ ^

a starling? wow! that's unusual, too ^ ^
you should :)

good luck!
still coughing now and then but getting better ... thank you
have a great weekend

Such a nice story about those cute birds 😍😍 I wish you to be always healthy cos good people like you deserve it! It's so kind to get sunflower seeds for our little friends:)))


thank you
I got a stuck of sunflower seeds yearly
all from my garden :)
I got ones that produce flowers huge as plates that's why :)

nice post
nice pictures of birds

Nice little bird, the birds in my garden enjoy waking me up early in the morning with their serenading.

gardening is a great hobby...i like it..its refresh our mind

birds are singing on tree twigs 😍 love this

wow excellent..

So creatively and so cutely you have written the post . Loved your thought and loved the way you have put it accross.

Lovely pictures and story showing how we are all connected from the insects, worms and birds and finally to humans.


thank you :)
how's life?


Good...just fighting a bad knee. I'm sure age has nothing to do with it! Haha. 'Hope you are doing well!


aw! is it arthritis?
take much grated ginger on warm water ...
am okay .. thank you


Yes, arthritis it is and a bear! Thanks so much for the recommendation as I will be getting some ginger today and trying it. Thanks ever so much!

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lolz you better not forget to get the sunflower seeds the next time ;)

Robin must have been quite keen for getting hands on to those seeds !

While it really seems you got yourself a visitor to be exact ;)


already in the bag :)
I have another one in my backyard these days, too
but it just hops beside me
not really serenading me unlike that one above :)

Good evening, @englishtchrivy! I think it's Your old friend back. Looks like he remembered you talking to him. I wish you a speedy recovery so he can wait for the sunflower seeds for him. In our region, birds are just beginning to return to their homes after a long winter and they are busy landscaping their homes. Everywhere is worth noise and different avian voices. Rough activity. In the morning, when there is a Sunny day, they sing their songs in different voices. But they don't dare fly too close because our cats are too close. They keep their distance. That's correct. Let it be . I am for their peaceful coexistence. European red breast Robin looks very cute guy. Good photo. I hope he's here for a long time . It's gonna be a fun time.


maybe ..
it could be him indeed
not sure :)
he chirps like crazy - like a shrieked old friend happy to see a friend he hasn't seen a long time

it would be hard if you have a cat indeed
it's also okay to watch from afar ;)

I wish you a great night and a great weekend

Ops, it looks like you have to switch professions to wildlife photography.... Lol

Sometimes to paint the gray colors of early spring, nature has made the birds bright.
Thank you for supporting my post. I am very pleased to see that I knowingly write about my experience in growing roses and other plants)).



you're welcome :)

Wow amazing... Very beautifull photo, tiny little bird

looks so incredible the heart says goes again and again :)

gardening is my favourite hobbby..

Love the Robin. They seem so intelligent. I love their little chirp to let me know they are nearby. I am always saying, "Look, there's me!!" when I see one. ;-) Cheers~!


that's quite a chirpy comment
so it ain't just me who's in love with this singer on a branch :)
from now on they'd remind me of you then :)

In my province the boys chase the birds a lot, for this reason they do not even approach the people, much less to see them, if you want to listen to the song of the birds you have to get up very early, from 3.00 am.
Beautiful story you have shared dear friend
I hope you get well soon.
Have a great night. dear friend @englishtchrivy


thank you

that's sad ... we do the same where I came from
we both know what that does to them
so I guess they don't allow that here
I get to wake up to the singing of a black bird as early as 5 am :)

A beautiful story, full of warm words flowing straight from the heart. A wonderfully captured little, frustrated bird :)

beautiful bird; don't know how you people do it.

the moment i lift my camera to shoot a bird, bee or butterfly, it just flies away ....


it's a fluke :)

you have to keep calm
plus that 55 - 200mm lens
and then just cut the craps :)

Aww this beautiful bird looking disappointed, expected to see a beautiful sun flower but couldn't.. I bet sun flower must be this bird favourite flower... bird must be thought where are those beautiful sun flower are not knowing the producer of them is kinda sick... Well glad you are fine and could see this beautiful bird visited your veg. Garden. You can even read mind of bird.... Wonderful @englishtchrivy


seeds not flower
you're busted for not reading man


I do read post but i guess it was overlooked action lol.

Very cute story, I hope he gets some sunflower seeds the next time your there!


thank you photo master!

he would !

Hi @englishtchrivy, it is a coincidence but I also have a robin who is visiting us every year for the last three years. Couple of weeks ago when we were working in garden trying to rid of weeds, some of them we had to dig out as they were sitting deep, that robin was sitting couple of meters away and every now and again was coming closer and picking up something. I did not pay attention initially but then realized that he is picking up little worms and bugs. It was last year here as well and I thought it is a single case of this particular robin but obviously they are have such a nature. Thanks for your post and have a nice weekend :)


so am not the only one ^ ^

and three years!
loving the thought of seeing this one next year, too already!
thank you for sharing your story :)

The " Robin Redbreast" is a very sociable bird.
Every year around the month of May at my gardening job,
There is one in the flower market.
When I put on the shelf, he perches above me on a pole and sings his melody.
I answer him by limiting and our dialogue lasts several minutes.
If I move, he follows me!
It has not arrived yet this year, I can not wait.
It is so nice !


very social indeed!

so you, too?
cheers to that!

great stalker right?
and a very good singer I must say ...
I hope you get to see him soon!

roodborstje zijn leuk ik had er is een in me tent tijdens camperen, was zijn bos waar we zaten. echt een leuk vogeltje bleef ook de hele week bij ons rond onze tent. goed weekend


ja, echt wel ^ ^
heel schattig ook
ik hou van ..
I just wish I could have one on my hands
or at least feed one on my hands :)

Very nice story and pictures of the robin. I will be looking and hope one comes to hang out in the garden with me for the summer.


thank you
fingers crossed I hope you do :)

Beautiful post dear


haha, bird with a sense of humour :) Chickadees are frequent visitors at my bird feeder and once in a while I get one to eat from my hand. That is a real treat!

Hey @englishtchrivy this is a lovely nature story...

WEWWW...its cool!