Save your eggshells and put them to use!

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Save your eggshells and put them to use!

In this case I have planted a few different seeds, sweet basil, spinach and chia seeds. The chia seeds were planted because they will sprout and grow in just a few days.

Using eggshells is beneficial for a few reasons:
1. They are rich in calcium.
2. You don't need much soil to start seeds.
3. Once the seed sprouts, you can plant the egg into a pot or directly into the ground.

One helpful trick is to poke a hole into the bottom of the eggshell for water to drain and for roots to find their way! When you end up planting in the ground it is a good idea to make the hole larger and even crack the shell to allow it to decompose quicker as the plant grows.


This will obviously need a bigger pot but it is good for now!

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Some good tips for planting the shell. I've often wondered if the plant would be able to get its roots free of it once planted out. Eggshell doesn't seem to break down particularly quickly in our soil.

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The roots find their way through the hole in the bottom and by that time I will make the hole about the size of a dime. By the time the sprout is ready to plant the eggshell is pretty weak, you can just squeeze it to break it up a bit before planting in the soil. That will make it break down faster and allow more weak points for roots to spread. Thanks for the comment and vote!