Royal poinciana


Royal poinciana was planted in Vietnam by the French due to its small leaves and fast growing speed. Since then the tree has been grown along roadsides and in schools.
Recently a Royal poinciana fell in the schoolyard and killed students. After this incident, many schools and localities have cut down nearly all trees. They could have checked the condition of each tree to determine the extent of removal for each tree. But they didn't do that!

These are the 2 trees where I live, at the peak of my flowering.

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Such a gorgeous tree. Ah the incredible power of nature.

Sad and unfortunate what happened in that school with the students, but in reality it is a beautiful tree, we hope to plant them from now on where they do not cause any tragedy and they can grow majestically because they are very attractive. 🤞😉

saludos en Venezuela le llamamos flamboyan y en época de verano viste el suelo con su hermosura

Interesante amigo, un hermoso arbol


Que hermoso árbol, por donde vivo hay uno parecido, pero es de color amarillo y resulta ser el árbol típico de aquí de Venezuela, me inspiraste para un nuevo post!!


I'd be happy if it gets you inspired. I love nature but I obviously don't know how to write about it.
Thanks for being here @dexsyluz

Wow, this image is very eye catching.


Thanks for stopping here :)