Giant Puffball Mushroom - Edible, Huge, We thought it was a Volleyball

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My son and I were practicing disc golf on the property when we thought we had spotted a long-lost-volleyball at a distance. As we approached, we realized this wasn't a volleyball - to my disbelief, it was a large mushroom.


That's not a Volleyball

It felt very firm - and light - like Styrophoam. It looked liked a weathered foam volleyball with a few small and shallow chunks tore out of it. In the picture below you can see how I tipped the ball over to confirm that it was a mushroom.


Not a Soccer Ball Either

My son had already dribbled it like a soccer ball a few times before I realized what he was doing - the mushroom was unharmed. We picked up the large mushroom and carried it back to the cabin.


Giant Puffball Mushroom Identified

We looked online for mushroom images from Ontario that looked like ours and found the Giant Puffball Mushroom - a perfect match. We read that it was an edible mushroom and that the inside must be white and firm. If the inside was brown had other discolorations, or was soft, then it was an older puffball that had already gone to spores - and was not to be eaten. Puffball mushrooms don't have gills for their spores like other mushrooms, they grown on the inside of the mushroom until the outside cracks to release the trillions of spores.

Giant puffballs are saprotrophs, meaning they feed on dead organic matter. They're more likely found in meadows and grasslands than in the forest. They are always found growing on the ground rather than up in trees.

Source: Mushroom Appreciation: A Closer Look at Giant Puffball Mushrooms

The mushroom was sliced open and found to be firm, white, and smelled like button mushrooms.


*Be completely sure of the variety of mushroom before eating any wild mushrooms.

I wasn't feeling adventurous this time for eating the mushroom, but my aunt was happy to lay claim to it - to take home and devour. Cooked like button mushrooms, they are excellent sauteed with butter at the very least. With a little white onion to saute and caramelize as well, they would go great on a mushroom and mozzarella toasted sandwich - next time. Garlic also blends well with mushrooms, they would be nice in soups, sauces, shish kabob, and stir fry as well.


Medicinal Uses

Puffballs are a known styptic and has long been used as wound dressing,[5] either in powdered form or as slices 3 cm thick. The fungus was often harvested prior to battles for this purpose.
Source: Wikipedia: Calvatia Gigantea

Giant puffball mushrooms often grow again in the same place, I'll watch for it's return next year.

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Wow thats a crazy and crazy big mushroom! I have never heard of Giant Puffball Mushrooms.


I hadnt heard of them before either, but as soon as my wife posted about it on facebook everyone was commenting about the different ways they would cook it :) The texture and smell is so much like the white button mushrooms that you would get from the store - just huge :)

nice! did your Aunt tell you how tasty it was?


She was stoked when she picked it up - has been cooking it up and enjoying it the past couple days - she was saying my aunt found one last year and sold it to a local restaurant lol - it is a lot of mushroom :)

My god I am so jealous. These are great made into like little mushroom schnitzels....

It's huge! And beautiful! And also edible! Too good to be true :D


That as my first thought - 'there's no way this is edible' :)


Did it taste like volleyball or was it actually good?

I don't think I have ever come across a Puffball that big! I also was not aware that they were edible. When we were kids we used to step on the older ones that had gone to spore because it looked like they exploded with a puff of smoke. :)


I was lucky to find this one before it went to spore - one of the pages when descibing finding a pre-spore puffball talked about the desire to kick it :)

I've read about the edible ones, but to be honest any kind of mushroom or fungi, i steer clear of...
That's a big puff ball there.

What a find! I love mushrooms. I love the random fact about puffballs being harvested before battles.

That is freaking cool dude! Did you get any spores?!? @a1-shroom-spore, check this out!


Ahh I see now in comments it did not spore. That would be cool to grow a big patch of those!


Seems like that would be the perfect mushroom to farm for a giant harvest :)