This year I grew beans

4개월 전

Not a huge deal, but I'm quite happy having some fresh beans.

They're keeping my flowers company.

They taste super sweet.

They've grown strongly without any upkeep from me apart from some weeding.

Bean there, done that.

Keep Well!

Good to see the Steem price strengthen & hopefully it will stabilise.

I've got some Lavender seeds that I'm going to plant to replace one that died.

I'm drying out a few seeds and see if U can develop my green thumb.

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What other vegetables are you growing? @leysa and I just have a few garden beds with parsley, mint, basil, chilli and asian greens. Everything pretty much died except the parsley.

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Some broccoli but it didnt take, I've got a baby apricot tree that sprouted last year with 1 leaf, the leaf dropped during winter & i thought it was dead - but it's sprouted during spring.. i'm thinking to try to keep it like a bonsai style - but i have no skills in gardening - so green thumbs crossed.

It was all more a project for the kids, but they're like, "yeah good"
i sent the bean pics to my daughter and said come outside and check it out .. she said "nah, all good, i saw them already in the pics!"


Haha! I'm no gardener either. I hate mowing lawns too. I just plant them and hope for the best.

Nice plant! It's great to have fresh beans directly from your garden. The flowers are very beautiful. ;)

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