Can't stop/won't stop

2년 전

cover photo credit=yanked from fb. Rest of pics are my own

Got some new plants today.

I know. You're shocked right?

I can't help it. They're pretty and not that expensive. I need them all. 😂💗

Wanna see? Of course you do or you wouldn't be here! Let's go!

I really hope i'm doing this right. I just love all my plant babies!

Speaking of which...
Propagation is starting to happen!!!


Just barely started roots.

Seriously, makes me so happy to see those. I definitely watered them toooo much before I figured out I wasn't supposed to do that. 🙈😁

Now we're off to a birthday party for one of the kids' friends from school.

I'm hoping the seratonin release from the gardening will pull me through the next few hours. Wish me luck y'all. 😂✌💗

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Oh my Goddess, I love that ice cream cone planter!!! <3
and YAY ROOTS!!! I'm so glad they are coming in!
Good luck with the birthday party! :)

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