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I just realized the other day that this pot was my first succulent pot. I noticed last spring that there were these unusual looking guys in a patch in the backyard.

I dug up a big circle of it and slapped it in this pot. It sat out front all winter and looked deader than dead, but it came back all by itself.

This might sound kindergarten level to most, but for me, I think it's what sparked my interest in succulents. Without even realizing it!

I have to say, knowing what I know now, I lucked out with that original pot. I picked probably the easiest plant to propagate and it gave me the confidence to learn more.

Having the greenhouse helps quite a bit.
All my plants are looking beautiful still.

Just check out this flower!!!

I ran out of plants to pot so I started hunting in my yard for projects.

We have a big stump that needs to be removed soon as it's infested with termites. 😯

At the base of it lives this clump of beautiful purple shamrocks that I first noticed last year and fell in love with.

I researched it and found that it's called oxalis triangularis and it behaves much like a succulent. It can survive just fine indoors as a houseplant or thrive and multiply outside.

I decided I wanted to try and save them so I started digging and potting...

Here's what the root looks like. Cool huh?

I started this project a few days ago and one pot seems to have been done correctly/ is surviving! ☺

They're still not at 100% recovered from the shock of transplanting, but I hope they'll make it!

Here's one I just potted today. You can see how limp the leaves are compared to the one potted a few days ago.

I've still got a ton left to move. I'm gonna need more soil. Again. Lol.

Oh! And over by my favorite flower that has the old wooden door behind it...I transplanted some of the sedum that was growing over there into a tree stump! In a few years, the whole thing will be covered with them cascading down it. I can't wait!

The rhody flower fell perfectly in that spot on top so I left it there. 😍🤘

This is the same patch of sedum I dug up last year for the pot in the first pic. It's hardy and spreads fast.

Here it is growing wild in the flower beds/lawn!

The next project will be getting rid of the wildflower forest that popped up under the trees by the bunnies. Check this shit out...

Sooooo, when I said I wanted a fairy garden over here, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. But nature it seems, had a different plan. 🤣🌿

That's been my week steem fam. How are y'all doing out there?! Hope you're good.
Thanks for reading! 💗✌

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The oxalis will grow little white flowers too! I have a pot full where I mixed green and purple ones together, and now I have some that are green on top and purple on the bottom, it's really cool!
Whyyyy wouldn't you want those beautiful wildflowers? That looks awesome. :D
Congrats on your other projects doing so well! That tree stump is going to look so cool with everything growing on it!
The oxalis is to the left of the jade in this photo. I'll have to get a close up, or dig one up from some device because I'm sure I've photoed them closer before. :D


I'm sure I'll keep some of the wildflowers, but they've taken over the whole bed. I wanna put more cool stuff there. 🤣 I just love the oxalis, the flowers were what drew me to it in the yard last year, they were just so perfect! 💗💗

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I actually didn't know oxalis grew in your region naturally. That's so cool!