Growing Organic Food by Collective Gardening in the City

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I'm part of a collective garden in my area. It's not a community garden where the land is divided and each person has their own plot to grow what they want. Instead, everything is grown as a collective and we share the harvest.

It takes a bit of work. We can go Saturdays or Tuesdays. Members are expected to do 2 hours of gardening tasks each week. Plus, to go water one day on our own. I do Sundays, and it takes me like 2 hours to water. So it's about 4 hours per week of work.

I'm not sure it's totally worth it, but it's nice to have some fresh organic produce to eat and not pay for it (other than with my time and work). I've been eating 3 types of kale, 3 types of swiss chard, 2 types of cucumbers, basil. The zucchini keeps getting chewed on by squirrels. There are some peas that others have eaten but I didn't get any (not really fair), some parsley, some edamame, some green beans. We;re waiting for the tomatoes to be ready, and the hot peppers.

Upon entering the garden, there is an arch made of bright pink peonies (I think). It's very beautiful.



In the garden, there is first the cucumbers, zucchini and kale area:


Followed by a few more cucumbers, the edamame, parsley and some ground cherry plants:


We have some garlic growing, which will be ready in the fall. There re onions beside it.


This is the view towards the entrance with the plants mentioned so far (plus the peas in the front left of the picture):


After that is one section of swiss chard:


And two plots of tomatoes:



The basil is near the end:


Along with the peppers and another plot of swiss chard:



There are also some medicinal calendulas growing:



Here is what we started with at the beginning of the year:



I just wanted to share the organic garden we've been growing. I hope it's been of interest for some people to see.

Living in the country with a yard, and being able to grow a garden is ideal. I've done it before. But this is a good alternative. Maybe your city has a similar endeavor you can get into. Check with community centers, and you might be in luck ;)

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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This is such a great activity. It not only beautifies the area but also it gives fresh vegetables to eat.
I'm also a big fan of gardening. I used to do this when i was a kid. I love to plant the plants and watch them grow. But by the time i have lost it. And in new place such facilities are not available to grow something like that.
BTW you got a good taste.
Keep it up!


Yup, it's an essential thing we need to bring back everywhere. Imagine food growing everywhere. It makes for a better world.

Aww, sorry you didn't get any peas :( I would share with you if I could, I'm about to plant my second crop, is it possible for you to put a few more seeds in the ground, or it gets too cold there in the fall?

Beautiful looking garden...I wish these existed on every block!


Thanks :) Yeah maybe we should do a second crop in another plot. Thanks for the idea ;)

Yes, food needs to grow everywhere, all over cities. Food forest future is what I want.

Cool this looks like a great idea! I would one day love to be much more self sustaining, that would be great. It must be awesome eating what you grow - a shame you didn’t get your share of peas but maybe next time! Keep it up :) I think something like this is worth it for sure, the tomatoes will be awesome too. How hot are the peppers?


Yup, it's always satisfying to eat healthy plant food :)The peppers aren't ready yet ;)

It's cool that people kind of grow together to make it a joint harvest. I feel the sense of community really coming into play from all that... Definitely worth it


Yup, it's pretty good ;)

How many people are in the collective?

What sort of decision making process is used for eg choosing what is grown?

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I think about 10. It was the people from last year who chose for this year, that's how it works. Everyone agrees on what to plant next year.

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Excellent post @krnel

I appreciate your work @krnel

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nice post on promoting organic food

@krnel, First of all i want to appreciate you because you are encouraging and producing the Organic Food and in my that's an great initiative.

In current period of time everyone is eating any Random Stuff and in my opinion after over a period of time we will face the consequences.

We are Organic Beings and we need Organic eatables for sure which will give proper Nutrition for sure.

All these pictures are breathtaking to watch and i hope that more and more people will inspire towards the Organic Gardening. 🙂

It's awesome to see your community banding together! Food is an important issue. Lack of proper nutrition is one of the main barricades in the mind when it comes to comprehending truth!