Organic Ant Repellent Update

3년 전

2018-03-31 18.53.42.jpg

Hey Steemit. Just a little update on my chilli ant repellant concoction that I posted about yesterday here.

2018-03-31 18.52.59.jpg

Having used some on an ant ridden compost pile that I wanted to use on my plants, today I found the ants to be gone and what's more, when digging through I would still see healthy bioactivity which is great. I'd cautioned about the risks of upsetting this.

2018-03-31 18.52.41.jpg

I applied the manure to some potplants today along with some sawdust and hay only to find later that the hens had dug it all out again! It wasnt the sawdust and hay as they'd left that in other post.

2018-03-31 18.53.16.jpg

I think they were after the chilli leftovers! I had to laugh when I saw all my handywork undone. At least my fertilizer must be irresistible!

So the ant repellant seems to be an even more impressive tool than first thought.


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Planting of brinjal.Good job by @nolnocluap

It's amazing .. I usually use compost on the pamelo tree

Wow ...! That is a very good way.

Do you think your chili repellant would work on slugs?
They are the biggest problem I have in my garden!

Good thing the repellent works, now you will have excellent crops.

Hang on, so the Hens actively sought out and ate the chilli? 😶😂

Happy Easter mate, good to see things are still going well!

cool, nice looking eggplant, that is my favorite thing to grow in the garden. Borax is good for ants and it is an essential nutrient for some plants. Cruciferous vegetables need adequate boron and deplete the soil of it.