Owning A House Is An Adventure Series

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Turning My Backyard Into A Garden

All About Outdoors

Panoramaic iPhone Photograph

Ready For Garden Soil

My backyard dirt is heavy black clay full of nutrients but too dense and dries up hard. I need some sandy loam which Tom (All About Outdoors, Inc) will be hauling over this coming week. Tom and his crew built my fence and cut down my trees. He will till in the loam, add some horse-poop and I will be ready for spring planting time.

I also have a lot of water in certain spots. Tom is going to fix that for me too!

I will be adding two 400 gallon water cisterns at the back corners of our house to catch water runoff from our roof. We just installed gutters, which aren't in this picture.

Look... A Gate Big Enough To Drive A Tractor Through!

What A Nice Ceder Fence.

I will be adding an electric fence top and bottom to keep Mina my dog from digging under it and also keep the coyotes from digging under the wall and teaching Mina bad coyote tricks, like eating the chickens. The electrical wire across the top will keep the squirrels from teasing Mina and eating all my tomatoes!

I Have A Big Backyard!

I will be adding a Hoop Greenhouse. No plastic hoops, solid plywood ends with doors and vents. The greenhouse will be anchored strong enough only a tornado will blow it away

I will be building my chicken house on top of where the tree stumps used to be. Nothing can grow there for a couple years because of chemical added to kill off the trees root system.

Owning A House Is An Adventure Series - 2

Owning A House Adventure Series-1

One of my favorite bands is Walk Off The Earth. I don't often get "famous people crushes," but I thought Mike was so handsome and talented. I had a real crush just like when I was a little girl. I believe Mike has gone to the Buddhafields, I wish him freedom from rebirth for his next adventure.

I Love You Beard-Guy

Walked Off The Earth For The Last Time 2019

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@reddust, I really know you've big plan for make good gardening backyard. Currently seems dirty looks with heavy black clay. But very recently backyard being green color environment. Also clean your location from plastics and polythene great work. Keep going.


@madushanka, the dirt is pretty clean, I am going to get it tested for ph balance, I think I will have to add a lot of lime. I sent some dirt samples to our local university garden center for testing. I plan to eat veggies from my backyard all year long and share with our local community center.


That's perfect idea. Grow vegetables of your garden will save your future golden time and get nutritious ingredients your health. Waiting to see your growing harvest of veggies in future through steemit. Good luck.

Gypsum is good for balancing clay.
But that may be more for the desert that i know, where there is little else.
I am sure that enough rotting plant matter (mulch) will do over there.
I mean, there is green stuff already growing. That is quite a difference from here.

I think you got a good plan going, and with your experience should have it growing food in no time.

Look forward to the next exciting episode.


I will ask Tom about gypsum, he would know more about dirt than I, most of my garden's already had amazing dirt, all I had to do was add a little lime and keep up the composting. I usually added leaves, ash from burning slash, and straw.

I feel confident I can grow a great garden this time around. My last big garden project turned out amazingly well!

First I like this woody fence and your idea of install electric fence top and bottom of the wall is a good idea as well! Sometimes you could add lazer beam also! It could indicate you when anyone pass that light beam!
The color of soil in the back yard tells me it's nutritious for plants! Hope to see more about your back yard as well!
Finally I like the view of the yard!



@theguruasia, instead of laser beams I have a shotgun...hahaha but I won't be shooting any furries, just warning them not to eat my garden or tease my dog...lolol

The gun is for human's who would harm us robbing our house. Hopefully I will never have to use it, we live in a safe neighborhood and I have great neighbors!

wow, what a wonderful garden, your yard looks like one of the most amazing things i ever seen. thanks for sharing


I'm praying my idea and actions bear sweet fruit @worldtraveller32, only time will tell the truth ;-)

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A very large garden. I want to make a suggestion. Divide into 6 sections, fruit in 2 sections, green vegetables in 2 parts and flowers in 2 sections. I would do a planning. But I know that you will admire us by designing more beautiful. But you will design more beautifully. I know you're an artist. @reddust


The garden is large compared to most suburban gardens, I will be turning my side yard and front yard into wildflower gardens and fruit trees too. I will plan my garden based on our 3rd president and next portrait (I am working on right now) Thomas Jefferson he was the person who authored the Declaration of Independence he was a passionate gardener! He also was a loud voice against slavery, he was against it for moral and economic reasons, slavery could cause civil war, the slaves would become angry and rebel. He like us in this global system were tied to a system that used people's ignorance and poverty to control them. I don't agree with Jefferson that the freed slaves should be shipped off to their country of origin, but his view became true during America's last civil war. We are heading for another civil war, and this time we are all slaves and don't know it....again our ignorance and trust in authority is being used to control us.


Good work 👊

Wonderful garden.This garden plan and fence is awesome. We all need more gardening


I still have to stain the fence to protect it against mold and fungus which causes rot. I will journal my fence care regime this summer when it is hot and dry. The cedar needs to dry out before I apply stain.

@reddust, True, you have big backyard and in my opinion you can create beautiful garden and can create your own natural green paradise. Have a wonderful gardening time. Stay blessed.


Hopefully I can plan not only a practical, garden, it will be beautiful as well. Thank you @chreerocks, and blessings to you and your family.


Good wishes from my side and hope that you will going to come up with and will harvest beautiful garden. Thank you so much and have a blessed time ahead.

You have really done a nice job in fixing your backyard and preparing for spring farming season, you need to add some loaming soil and tilled the ground well while . I have a great expectations that you will do well in this next planting season . Kudos to you @reddust


I've had a lot of help from the contractor tradesmen I've hired. In the past family helped with these projects but I no longer have family with the kind of skills I need. The contractors I hired remind me of my my mother's brothers. Skilled craftsmen that could build and fix just about anything!

One of my favorite things to do is weeding, for some reason I love to weed, the exercise calms me down. After sitting for long periods of time writing and painting getting out in the fresh air and gardening energizes me and also calms me down. Thank you @obest

Owning a house is really a great adventure and your gardening plan highly aporeciable. Though the backwards of your house is looking dirty now but I hope your hard working make it a most beautiful flower garden. The big space is perfect for gardening even the protection with wall make it more beautiful.

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Yeah right now my backyard is one big mud hole, hopefully all that will change this week @msena, have a productive and happy week. I will be planting wildflowers in my side yard, the bugs, bees, and birds love wild flowers and I won 't have to mow a lawn ;-)

You backyard is like an empty canvas for you to artistically create you masterpiece. I bet it is a lot of work but worth it. Enjoyed the video and his musical talent. Thanks @reddust


@enjoywithtroy, I didn't think about my yard being an empty canvas, well said! I love to work hard if my work shows a return I can eat or enjoy like my art....hahaha <3

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Omg, your backyard alone is bigger than what I live in lololol.
Good luck on your garden adventure :P
I will stay updated on it, So hopefully You post more about it in the upcoming future!


In Oregon I had almost an acre of gardens. Everyone thinks this is huge, I just smile and wink...If you lived close to me you could help me an I would pay you in vegetables @midgeteg.


That's crazy! , I really would if I could. Maybe Like for a day or so thou lol, to help and check it out in real life :P But you would have had to be like a max of 20 miles away lol, not 10 h 33 min (666.5 mi)
from where im at in cali.


That's too far away, hopefully you can glean some garden data from me instead. One of the cool things about social media we can connect anywhere around the world. Have a great week @midgeteg!

Wow it is really huge and no wonder this is going to be an awesome Garden experience indeed. While looking really forward to seeing it grow and all Green Backyard soon : )


@rehan12, with the greenhouse I can start a month earlier and spring is just around the corner. I am soooo excited!


Sounds interesting and do share the updates with us : )


I'm using Steemit for my gardening journal...haha (hugs)

Tom is very good to you ! It helps you a lot hahaha that's very good.
I imagine it's hard work.
And I also imagine that it is an entertaining way to spend time. I also love plants a lot, so I say it should be good.
Greetings :D

A great idea to have a garden in your backyard @reddust and you can use the chicken droppings to fertilize your vegetables and fruits :D
You can also use cuttings to plant fruits so you do not have to wait long before they bear fruits.

Keep posting, you doing so well for your self on here. If you could just post a lot more I feel you could grow so much quicker for the future of steemit. I dont know your situation but I personally would love to see more of your post @reddust. Its been a while :(

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Hi, how are you? Long time no news from you. I hope you are well. Hugs ;-)

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