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I noticed a big trend with YouTube gardeners and homesteaders lately and that is they really only promote a couple different seed companies. The big ones I hear talked about are Bakers Creek and MIgardener. I decided that I wanted to push a few other companies into the light for everyone that I believe are right up there with the quality of Baker Creek and MIgardener. So in today's video I talk about Ohio Heirloom Seeds. I made a purchase from them for this coming spring. They had a bean variety I have been wanting to try out and also some microgreens. My best find though was a tomato I have never heard of before and that had some cool history to it. This company has great prices and the shipping cost is top notch. Check them out and show some love to some of the lesser known seed companies out there, because the more seed companies we can keep growing the more we can grow the food independence movement.

Ohio Heirloom Seeds https://ohioheirloomseeds.com/
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Cool! This is right in my backyard. Glad you are giving a shout out to a small business 🌱


That's cool! Have you already shopped there before?


No, I have not, but I have a friend who ordered seeds from them and was happy with the results. 🌱