A Decade on the Funny Farm

2년 전

It was exactly ten years ago when I moved from the big city to this little farm community.

Ten years ago, I was too busy moving to notice all of the tulips that were about to bloom along the walkway;



Imagine being too busy with boxes and furniture to notice this vibrant display!


After stumbling out of the city and into the country-- going from neon to natural light, from paint and ink to pedals and stamens-- I was going through a bit of culture shock I suppose.


Of course, the tulips could have been planted later, and maybe they weren't there a decade ago, but the violets! How did I miss the carpet of tasty violets?



Ten years back, I had no garden, no trimmers, no shovel and nothing to dig, but here I am now, surrounded by nature and color, and it's hard to remember the grey of the city from so long ago.

Now, there is a garden out back with vegetables already growing, and here at the beginning of April I already have bowls of fresh spinach spilling from the beds... but that will have to be a post for another day.

Today, on my ten-year anniversary on this little funny farm, I'm just looking at the new flowers.



thanks for looking in!

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I wonder what has become of us.

Back in the 60s the suburbs was where it was at.
Back in the 80s the mall was where it was at.

and almost 50 years later... i see a lot of people getting back to the land.
The big city no longer has its luster, and more importantly no longer has the good, high paying jobs.

And with just a little nest egg, you can get a place where you can grow all your own food.

This is an interesting change that has come.


I grew up in those 60's suburbs, but even then I naturally sought the vacant lots and woods- the wild always made more sense to me than 'civilization.'

If the tulips were there you must have been seriously amazingly preoccupied if you didn’t notice them, even in bud stage they’re kinda bright 😆 oh well at least you get to enjoy them and your epic garden now 😄

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I remember now that when I moved here it rained nearly every day for the first month, so I was probably dodging raindrops instead of admiring flowers in the beginning!

From city to country or vice versa is always a shock, we humans do some weird things with the landscaping!

This made me think of a line from one of my brother's songs, From city too country, oh lord I get homesick for the country


And lord knows I still get homesick for the City sometimes!


I wouldn't want to live in the city, but I definitely enjoy visiting :)

How goes things? I may have to break down and get my own phone, I always think about texting people when Howie's phone is unavailable then time slips by.

Actually do you check your email regularly? I've been meaning to tell you that it's about the right time to start working on the launch of book 2 for which I need a Paul cover :)


It's lovely spring here now, I can't seem to stay in the house this year.
Yes a phone! I do tend to look at email every day or so, and yes I'm excited at the idea of a new painting!

a new hope in that beautiful to see that :D