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We recognize and respect cooking and food prep as an important element in the food production system and overall health!

We deeply honor food as it is intimately connected to the life cycle, growing right out of the Earth--for free!!--from "waste" and providing vital nutrients for our own thrival.

We are excellent chefs, beyond even dank--über dank, in fact. The esteem we hold for food shines through in our finished dishes. We usually cook for a crowd and don't follow recipes; rather, we intuitively combine ingredients to create unique, high-vibe cuisine for once in a lifetime experiences! We are masters of creating mouthgasmic explosions of taste and texture on the palate. 

We want to share our wealth of knowledge and ability! Rather than simply showing you how to simply follow a recipe, we want to share some of our "food formulas" for prepping and combining ingredients. We hopehonoring and connecting with food brings you even more enjoyment when deeply nourishing yourself and your loved ones! 

Über Dank Raw Blueberry Cheesecake

This beautiful dessert is refreshing and raw raw; no element has been heated, retaining the vital life force. Here are just some of its healthful benefits:

  • Blueberries are a primo source of antioxidants and counteract inflammation! 
  • Cashews contain monounsaturated fats that protect the heart! 
  • Coconuts are rich in fiber as well as B vitamins! 
  • Honey contains flavonoids that protect against some cancers! 

Check out that deep color--can you say phytonutrients???


For the crust:

  • almonds
  • pitted dates
  • optional: shredded coconut, lemon juice, pink Himalayan salt, cayenne

For the creamy cheesecake filling:

  • cashews
  • coconut oil or coconut milk
  • honey
  • lemon juice
  • optional: frozen bananas, vanilla, or almond extract

For the blueberry puree:

  • blueberries
  • honey

Here's the formula:

  • For the crust, pulse almonds and pitted dates that have been soaked for several hours and drained in a Vitamix or food processor until crumbly. This is a basic version that you can then press into a pie plate. You can add shredded coconut, lemon juice, and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to the mix if you feel fancy. Salt enhances flavors, while lemon juice helps blend them and makes it taste fresh and brighter. If you like surprises, you can even add a speck of heat with some cayenne!

  • For the creamy cheesecake layer, soak a few handfuls of cashews for a few hours or overnight. Soaking nuts makes them more digestible as well as easier to blend into a smooth cream. Drain. Blend the nuts with a blob of coconut oil or some coconut milk for creaminess, honey for sweetness, and lemon juice for a citrusy pop until smooth. You can decrease the coconut oil or milk and instead use frozen bananas instead for more flavor while maintaining the desired texture! You can also add an extract like vanilla or almond if you want to. 
  • Spread the cashew cream on the crust.

  • For the blueberry puree, blend fresh blueberries with honey. 
  • Spread the blueberry puree on the cashew cream.

  • Cover the cheesecake, and freeze for at least 3 hours.

  • Remove from freezer at least 15 minutes before you want to cut and serve it. Extra blueberries and mint leaves make beautiful garnishes! 

Happy eating!!!

Check out our website at to learn more about our Food Experiences and to reserve your spot at our table!

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One of my delicious summertime favorites!!! Refreshing and fulfilling--nutritious and delicious!!! A full package!



Mouthwatering treat for real foodies yummy


We love raw desserts! So easy and clean and refreshing this time of year

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