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A couple of pics of our music garlic patch last year before we cut the scapes off and did a quick final weeding.
All of our garlic came from 18 garlic bulbs we got years ago at the farmers market. Just remember the best always goes back for next years garden.


In Northern regions, garlic is best planted 6-8 weeks before the ground freezes.
Separate the cloves of garlic just prior to planting, keeping as much skin on as possible.
Plant cloves pointed end up and about 2 inches deep 6-8 inches apart.


For disease prevention have 4-5 year crop rotation, avoid soggy soil.

Music garlic last in the cold cellar for up to 10 months. It also freezes well after being cleaned and can be dried. We have garlic 365 days a year now.

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Haven't heard of music garlic, but if it stores so well, I must get some!

I hope ours looks this good. It's just now starting to pop out of the ground. It's the first time we've ever tried it.

I love the look of that field: what is that growing between the garlic? Looks a little like dandelions...


Dandelions, clover, lamb's quarters and some other useful herbs and weeds most is fed to the pigs when we weed. Garlic looks great when planted in blocks.


Cool! At what point do you seed all of that? Or do you just let in come in of its own accord?


It just comes in on its own. We are trying for a full permaculture farm and try to work with mother nature. The garlic seems to grow just fine as long as the weeds are kept down a bit. We add compost to the garden in the fall and plant the garlic seed in the fall in the spring and early summer we weed so much from the garden ever day to supplement the pig feed with the good weeds and herbs from the garden. There is a couple of weeds like ragweed that the pigs do not like to eat that still come up in the garden they get picked first to make sure they don't come to seed.