Gate Thursday ~ Seven Days Outside

3년 전


There's a few of these old cottages left but not many with the big yard in front in beach cities in So Cal. If they don't tear them down they usually build another house/rental unit in front.

The gate is newer but i thought it was nicely done with some pretty cool routing and a ballerina!

#gatethursday #sevendaysoutside by @erikah

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That has got to win the cutest house contest. Lovely gate too. I wonder if the owner was a ballerina?


It's almost too cute!

That is so lovely! And the ballerina how cute is that! I would love to live there but pretty sure I couldn't afford it.


It's purty darn cute!

Yes, it's too expensive for me too. It's super tiny.

Seal beach is the oddest town around. Only very successful wealthy people can afford to own homes and there's also a lot of expensive rentals that young people can't afford so it ends up being retired single people with enough money to live by the beach. It's basically sell all your shit and live in a tiny apt. The good news about that is it's at the beach.


My immediate neighborhood is all older, often single people, and I really don't like it at all. There's something to be said for diversity. Being in the Midwest I have lived without a beach my entire life, so I should probably just be content with my affordable house in the woods! It is fun to imagine what it would be like, though!