Well, looks like another project got flatlined. Maybe things will come back up a little. But I'm pretty sure those two spikes were all just hype. You gotta realize, you can't just make a technology and assume everyone will love it and get enthusiastically onboard.

The problem with GByte is a problem Steem also has. Excessive complexity which hinders mass adoption.

One must think: is the price going up because of actual demand? Or because of hype in an unregulated market? You guys really don't want the SEC involved, but this is the type of shit that happens.

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I expect a hard fall in gbyte coming up, as the time-locks from their airdrop on Steem a year ago start to expire.


Yeah im selling off everything i got now. It's really sad. It's really hard to make something work, even when there's a good spirit behind it. At the end of the day, it's impossible to be truly clairvoyant.