Riots and Propaganda (what can you do about it?) 2020

9개월 전

The media has been highlighting the black/white narrative for years. They have been teaching us about systemic racism in schools for years, they've made propaganda movies to push their narrative for years.

They then locked us down for months until the pent up until our frustration boiled over.

This pent up negative energy caused by the lefts narrative through mainstream media spawned the riots. It's well thought out psychological warfare, let's be honest. They've set up the dominos, and the dominos fall at just the right time for their benefit, how can anyone believe that this wasn't orchestrated?

A one-off coincidence is just a coincidence? Decades and decades of documented coincidences that only favor the agenda of one faction, every single time,'s no longer coincident.

If it was a coincidence, explain the Warren Buffet Acme bricks being placed by establishment thugs (cops) at specific protest sites across America. All this, while George Soros paid Antifa and BLM torched buildings while masonic police stand down.

Let's be honest here, IT"S A GAME. They've planned this, the odds of our first race riot of the 21rst century occurring the week before we are released from lockdown. The plandemic quarantine was just as fake as these riots.

C'omon guys, WAKE UP already. We need to resist the NWO, if we can make a stand if we can get enough people to know the truth.

Opt-out of their system buy buying Cryptocurrencies. It needs to be decentralized! This is it! our time has come, and Crypto is our way out of their system!

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