Djoi's Life Lessons: Why that prayer will not be answered

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"God does not train weak children."

This is one sentence I doubt I will ever forget, and it was said to me by my elder brother when I was sharing my woes with him. I was telling him what was wrong with my world and how it looked like I was doing all I can and nothing worthwhile was happening.

Those words stopped my tirade midway.

"God does not train weak children."

This post is for you if you are working on walking with God, and you are daily acknowledging Him as your Father. You need to read this on the premise that God trains us with every experience we go through. Whether we have it good, bad, or ugly, there is something we should learn. If we refuse to learn that lesson, we come back to it again and again, until our Father forms us into a replica closer to who He is.



So, let's get to the reasons why that prayer will probably not be answered.

You don't really want it

Imagine a student who convinces himself or herself that they want to get straight As in a semester. On getting to school, they only attend lectures when they feel like, they don't study, and they sleep away their time. On the exam date, they walk into the exam halls confident that they would get an A.

You and I know that the only way that would happen is if they cheated, in whatever way they might choose to. The reason we know this is because we are aware of the path to excellent grades: attend lectures, study well, pray and write the exam. If you are not walking this path, there is no way you would get an excellent grade, 'excellent' being the focus word.

That student might tell everyone who cares to listen that they want the As, but their actions show otherwise. When you want something, you walk the path that leads to it. You don't go off on a tangent and expect to get to the right destination. Actions speak louder than words and the right paths lead to the desired goals.

Many times, the answers to our prayers are situated on those paths we don't want to travel because they are too hard, too lonely, too holy, too restricting, or other discouraging reasons we may find. I do not say that your excuses are not valid, though. I am only saying that if you don't want to go the distance and travel the journey, maybe, just maybe, you do not want that thing you are praying for.



You may ask, "Why can't God just do His thing and make it happen? Isn't He all-powerful?"


God is a miracle-worker and not a magician

Many times when we get a glimpse of how powerful God is, we are tempted to classify Him as a magician. He is not. God is as interested in the process as He is in the result. To Him, only the right process leads to the right end.

God is interested in the journey as He is interested in the destination. To Him, only the right path leads to the desired destination.

Every experience we have is expected to teach us something which will make us stronger. We get to experience the miracle, and so we can testify of the Lord's goodness from a place of certainty.

How else would that boy tell how his lunch of five loaves of bread and two fishes fed a multitude if he wasn't there? I tell you he would never forget that day and the miracle he experienced.

How else would Naaman be taught of the power of God if he didn't have to dip himself into the river for exactly seven times to get healed?

Miracles teach you of God's wonders, and the lessons stick. Magic wows you and entertains you. God does miracles, not tricks.



Yes, there are times when He does something out of nothing. You may wonder why He can't just do that for you.


Divinity won't do for you what humanity can

Sometimes, in our holding on to God to lead us, we forget that we will always have a say in the outcome of our life. We sometimes expect Him to come down in all His glory to do something He has already given us the strength, and whatever grace we need, to do.

Divinity steps in when humanity's feeble strength can do nothing about the situation. If humanity has a part to play, divinity would not step in and take over. That is bad parenting, and we have agreed that God does not train weak children.



If there is something you know you should do, quit stalling and get to it. If there is a place you should be, get up and get there. If there is something you should say, speak out. Whatever you know you have to do, go get it done.

The thing

The thing is this; the answer to your prayer might be in God revealing to you the path to travel or show you wherein the miracle lies, or reveal to you what should be done. He will never leave us, that is His promise, but we need to walk the path, remember that we have to experience the miracle, and do our part as humans.

Hopefully, our prayers would get answered soon.



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