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## The world has changed, and today I show a little of my

First of all I would like to say that these images can affect more sensitive people
Well, I decided to post with a photojournalist and friend Rui Oliveira.
Rui today walked in the Matosinhos hospital to capture images.

We are all going through difficult times to look for in Portugal, in the World, I do not know when it will end but for the scenario, we will not leave this film anytime soon.

It is scary, yes I'm afraid!

Being afraid is part of the human being right?

These images depict everything we experience.

I know that just 5 minutes from where I live, the scenario I find is this, To know that one of these days I can be treated by these exhausted professionals, They are doing many hours some of them even sleep there to take care of us.

These images moved me and so I decided to show you.
I want to show you the reality in which we live here in Portugal, more precisely in Porto, with a situation.

Porto has only 350,000 people, it is certain that we are not as many as certain cities.
However, the country tried to give good results with the safety of those who live here, they are giving everything to solve this problem.
So far, we have spent more than a month and reached about 12,000 positive infected people, we have 311 deaths and 149 cured.
The average age is 69 and a half years for the deceased.
On the basis it has affected many nursing homes.

In spite of everything that we are in that panorama, obtain good results in relation to the rest of Europe and even of the World.
I even say the best within the European Union.

Portugal has done everything possible and impossible to fight this war of ours, which is also yours!

we are in debt, in fact we are very indebted at times without knowing how to act, the economy is stopping little by little, remaining open to priority services such as super-market ,transport companies, pharmacies and little else.
The companies that continue to produce are working with 50% of the people in whom the others are an option in case something bad happens to the people who are in front of the fire.

The important thing is that despite all the unity of the Portuguese people have been united in efforts and there are many donations by both the richest and the poorest people.
We have companies that produce beer to distill 70 degrees alcohol for hospitals, we have small companies that produce neighbors with 3D printers and others with lyser machines.
We have shoe companies producing masks for police officers.
There is a Portuguese company that will be able to make fans below 1000 euros of production.
Yes, all of this is possible because we are Portuguese, we are courageous adventurers and we never give up.
We were navigators and discoverers of the world.
We are united.
And for the moment we do anything to find a cure and control the situation.
We are not going to let this move our faith.
We are small, but we are strong and our strength will overcome all obstacles in life.
I also leave a salute to all of us who are on the front line from the trash person to the nurse.
Without us, none of this was possible and that is only the case because we do it for the love of the patriarch and together.
And I will show you one day in our hospitals one of the main hospitals in the area.
Believe us we will succeed. I believe

We have to be careful and safe together, we can make a difference because our social distance is important for our safety and the safety of others.
I do not want to contaminate you nor do you want to contaminate me on this basis we have to act.
Many countries in a way are already a little late, but how about taking care of yourself that still have nothing.
Remember the later you catch more
hypothesis and you will have to survive.
Do not let Hospitals break.
They are trying hard to take care of us.

Don't be selfish is the least we can do!

They give their lives For us!

You don't have to leave now, you will have more time in your future.

No need to put yourself at risk just to get what you need





























# *photos Rui Oliveira photoreport

Text drew0****

I only have one thing to say to you.
Courage, keep yourself safe DREW0

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