Shopping malls pretending to have Covid restrictions


Vietnam is a funny little place. I use the word "little" only to refer to its geographic size, this is the most densely populated country that I have ever lived in by far. Of the top 30 countries listed by population density, Vietnam ranks 30th in the world but once you start eliminating cheaters such as tiny island nations and Vatican City it would likely be in the top 10.

So basically wherever you go there are going to be a ton of people. This is true to the point of annoyance as it becomes quite difficult to find any peace and quiet unless you living a high rise with quiet neighbors.

We also have the lowest number of deaths from Covid of any large-ish country in the world. Of course I believe there are a lot of lies going on towards Covid in general and it isn't much of a surprise that the Communist countries (of which, Vietnam is one) have very low numbers because there is no political advantage towards inflating those numbers.

That doesn't mean that they are not concerned about the virus but I'll say that they do take steps but only in a very ceremonial sense these days.


When you approach a shopping mall in Asia you know that you are going to be subjected to a lot of other people that are also in said shopping mall. They have these sentinels posted at the entrances that used to be like the image above. It was a guy (or multiple people) covered in PPE what take your temperature and make you apply some hand sanitizer before entering. On more than one occasion friends of mine were made to sit in a side area because their temp was too high and then wait a minute to be tested again. As you would expect, a person's temperature will rise when it is really hot outside and this is particularly true for foreigners that come from western nations (such as my friends) where their bodies will never acclimate to the intense heat of Vietnam.

After your temp returns to normal they let you in the mall but require you to wear a mask at all times and hand sanitizer is everywhere.

Fast Forward a few weeks

Myself and some friends went to a mall as a group shopping outing combined with potentially seeing a movie (that's right! Movie theaters are open here!) and the same process existed only the guy had considerably less PPE on, he was no longer checking the temp on our heads but instead on our wrists. Two of the members of our group noticed that the temperature readout was well BELOW the normal temperature for a human and I'm not talking a few degrees here. I'm talking 10's of degrees that would make you a walking corpse if it were true.

This stopped nothing and I don't think the checker was even looking at the thermometer.

fast forward to yesterday

The same weekly scenario happened yesterday and the guy at the door had only a facemask on. We saw him take said mask off on a regular basis and when we got to him he only made us use the hand sanitizer. There was no longer a thermometer involved in the process. He didn't even check to make sure we used the sanitizer but we did anyway (I quite like hand sanitizer)


Once inside we looked around, or at least the members who don't wear glasses did because their vision was impaired by the "mask fog" and noticed that nearly everyone in the mall wasn't wearing masks. I'm not one of those wear a mask! people so this really appealed to me and we all took our masks off as well.

On our way out of the mall we noticed that the two entrances that are not at the place where the taxi ranks exist didn't even have door "guards" at all. So I am thinking that the Covid stuff is winding down entirely and I'm all for that.

I just think that it is amusing that my friends across the oceans seem to have this idea in their heads that the reason why Vietnam has so few Covid deaths is because we are subjected to near martial law over here and aren't allowed to do anything and are constantly covered in PPE and sanitizer. We ARE NOT.

Life carries on as normal in a country that has almost no covid restriction whatsoever and the countries that are trying to tell everyone else how to live seem to have quadrillions of new cases every day. This is especially true with the USA department of State that has Vietnam listed as a "Very High Risk" covid country.

Do you feel as though you are being lied to yet? Why aren't the Vietnamese people dropping like flies?

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