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You've heard of the SP500, Welcome to the Small 75!

Tastytrade has been in business for years now. The creators of Think or Swim have continued innovating new Financial Products for active traders and investors. Their Tastyworks broker platforms allow traders to place and manage options, stocks, and futures. Now they have their own exchange, and products that are suitable for beginners and experienced traders.

SM 75

Just like the SP500 tracks 500 heavily traded stocks, the SM75 tracks liquid assets across a variety of sectors to give traders a more balanced exposure to equities. Have an idea on stonks, the SM75 is an affordable way to make your play.


The Smalls FX tracks the USDollar vs currencies of Japan, China, Mexicao, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Don't want to factor how the Dollar is trading against Norwegian Franks in DXY? Then SFX has a more global measure against the USDollar.


Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Oh my! When it comes to heavy metals, the SPRE tracks the three most traded. If you are looking for an affordable product that gives your portfolio exposure to the metals, this bite sized product can help.

The Small Exhange is just getting started. Next products in the pipeline are an Oil and Yield tracking product. Inevitably a Bitcoin product is on the way. Tastyworks has recently bought stake in a Chicago Bitcoin clearing house. Soon deribit will have more North American competition.

More information is available at

You can sign up for a TASTYWORKS account and start trading the Smalls right away. Or ask your broker to support the Smalls!

I welcome all your thoughts and suggestions on trading options and Tastytrade. And good luck trading out there!

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