Giant Dandelion!



I had noticed it a few days ago (I think it is the same as the last photo) and was wondering what would come out of this huuuge flower. Yesterday as I was walking, I saw something that looked like a huuuuuge dandelion. I was astonished! I went closer to find this beauty and after my research it is a Purple salsify (Tragopogon porrifolius)

It is a plant with an eatable root (I don’t think I would try it)

Salsify resembles to a giant dandelion, and its flower turns into a dainty puffball, dispersing its soft seeds into the wind.

I will post a short video afterwards!

Have you seen this?

Do you notice plants/flowers around you?

[more info about this here]


Up close :)


--- after ----


--- before ----


thank you for visiting my post :)

All images by me, shot on an iPhone
Location: Crete - Greece

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amazing picture


Grazie Stefano :)

This is a beautiful flower. I thought it was a dandelion too.

Oh! We don’t have these here! I thought the flowers are edible?!


Not sure, for these ones I read that only the roots are edible (but bitter)
They are big, maybe 60+ centimeters tall!