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Gemstra is an ecosystem integrated into the blockchain economy for social sales. Gemstra BOUTIQUES is our flagship market that brings together brands and retailers in the social sales sector. The success of BOUTIQUES enabled us to create ASTRA, a block chain platform that serves as a technological infrastructure for retailers to integrate into the social sales economy. Gemstra will create the open source software BOUTIQUES and create the Gemstra SDK, so that any retailer can easily add a social sales channel to their work.

Social sales have existed for many years; Every year it has turned into a multi-million dollar sector with a market share of at least 10%.
The emergence of more social networks is buying locally. There are a number of underwater industry giants on the market, which makes it difficult for new retailers to enter the market for these industry giants, making it a challenging and expensive competition for beginners. battle with them
Gemstra is a block-based project that aims to radically change the middle-age economy. The aim is to provide technology that provides a platform to create a decentralized market where social sales are open to everyone.

Gemstra also offers a technology infrastructure with the Astra platform; It addresses retailers and brands as a way of integrating and creating social sales channels. They offer bubbles that benefit from the information placed on the dealer's fingers.

This service offer will enable retailers to be present in the Gemstra ecosystem and Gemstra varieties in the international retail economic system to promote the company.

The open software provided by Gemstra and the SDK allows them to merge with the ASTRA platform and use the GMS code as the default ASTRA process.

ASTRA platform
Gemstra will work on the ASTRA platform, a technological infrastructure used by retailers and brands to integrate and build a social sales channel. It is generally considered a way of democratizing the model to promote equality between the seller, the distributor and the brand.

Using the ASTRA platform, you will experience problems in detention; Release social sales using the block to store data, manage all actions related to transactions, and dictate control.

Using ASTRA, any retailer and brand can participate in social sales and benefit from all easy to use protocols.

Using ASTRA and the GMS token, they will connect with social and retail brands for the first time, allowing suppliers to represent any brand and easily grow their business.

They will revolutionize the social sales sector.

This platform will make it easier for you to become a dealer by selecting the products and services you sell. It will also create opportunities for other retailers to join the list. Gemstra will provide our suppliers with software to easily develop their social sales systems on our platform.

Suppliers take more risks because their products will be included in the list and they will be able to control the transaction with a platform-based technology contract. ASTRA is an integrated platform that functions as a technological infrastructure for social sales. ASTRA is locking technology that allows suppliers to control customer data and deliver customizable commissions and rewards on the platform. The Gemstra platform offers a fair model where all market players have a competitive advantage.

Social marketers register as a social trader to work with any retailer. Unlike the classic system, the social vendor does not have to work with a retailer. Can work with the desired seller or brand. In addition, customer data of social providers can only be found on their own and cannot be shared with commercial or retail brands. Therefore, in the solution proposed by gemstra, sellers can move freely.

It serves as a commercial bridge between retailers, vendors and social brands. Retailers can use the Astra Platform BOUTIQUES software to reposition their infrastructure to the platform and integrate them into the ASTRA platform with intelligent contracts if they already have a working system.

Trademarks and service providers that are part of the Gemstra platform pay a monthly subscription fee for the platform.

The aim of the platform is to create useful mechanisms with GMS chips. For example, a seller, buyer and brands who are the first member of the Astra platform will get 100 GMS chips. In addition, in award-winning platform systems, retailers and brands can turn to social service providers, and those who achieve these goals automatically reward GMS in predefined amounts with smart contracts.


Gemstra project offers everyone the opportunity to work in the social sales market. It is really an efficient and quickly expanding market when we consider advertisement sector. In this regard, Gemstra is a terrific project with a neat design. The project is a very practical process, carrying out social sales activities, which are distributed to billions of dollars in blocking technology and in support of all activities in practice.

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