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Since the inception of Blockchain Technology in 2008, there has been various concepts popping utilizing the innovations available in the blockchain technology but not has been able to truly address social selling procedures. This gave birth to Gemstra.


Gemstra is embedded on the blockchain technology, built to providing solutions to the challenges clouding social offering as well as ensuring social selling is easily accessible to retailers, brands and merchants. Social selling is where the dealers are compensated for advancing/promoting brands and products through their social network.

The achievement of BOUTIQUES awakened the Gemstra Foundation to fabricate an increasingly broad system arrangement that would empower retailers to share in the social offering without annoying their present associations. To democratize for the most part used model, the Gemstra Foundation developed a smart contract arrangement called ASTRA. ASTRA Platform as a system answer for retailers to facilitate its present structures or use their open source programming to have its social offering business. Sellers and brands can organize with any number of Merchants using ASTRA. The Gemstra Token (GEMS) is the default exchange of critical worth for portions that offers prizes, gamification, and organization for the social advertising. ASTRA Platform and GEMS token framework the $24 Trillion retail industry to the social offering, making an impulsively considerable future market. By and by they endeavor to finish up the default imaginative foundation and catch half of the social offering exchanges later on.

GEMS tokens will be utilized on the ASTRA platform to do the transactions and it will likewise be utilized for remunerating the clients.



The platform gives wallet to each vendor, merchant and brand with the goal that the exchange can happen rapidly through wallet to wallet. Brand will choose the custom commission for the vendor that it will band together with. Dealers are allowed to pick the merchants dependent on the brand they are banded together with. Dealers additionally has administration over the client data which they gather.


  1. GEMS is an utility token utilized in ASTRA as a unit of significant worth, the advantage of this utility token is the decreased installment and commission alternative for venders.

  2. GEMS token is the ideal vehicle in ASTRA to acquire best practices gamification from conventional social selling into the modernized GEMSTRA's ecosystem.

  3. GEMS can be utilized to buy items crosswise over ASTRA, GEMS is likewise paid out to dealers and customers through the reward framework.

  4. GEMS can likewise be utilized as expenses by entertainers in the economy.

  5. GEMS paid out as a commission can be pulled back into client's wallet and traded in open market


  1. It fills in as a unit of trade.

  2. Can be utilized for buying on the GEMSTRA platform

  3. It is a motivating force that will be offered to first time adopters.

  4. It is a digital currency consequently it's a methods for installment (money)

  5. GEMS will be paid for gamification prizes, income, and settlement to accomplice administrations and people.

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