Ezra Miller gets away with assaulting women because Ezra doesn't identify as a man.

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This is something that's been nagging at me despite the fact that I haven't seen, nor do I plan to see, the Fantastic Beasts movies.

Johnny Depp got fired from that series over abuse allegations from, who we know now to be a lying psychopath, Amber Heard. Even if you believed Amber Heard at the time, you have to admit that there was little to no evidence to support the accusations and there were no arrests.

Ezra Miller wasn't fired from the same series and hasn't been fired from his role as the Flash despite being caught on video grabbing a woman by the neck and throwing her to the ground and three separate arrests for varying degrees of assault all of which involved women.

Only the producers can tell us specifically why they moved against Johnny Depp so swiftly and they've kept their gobs shut about Ezra Miller. I can only speculate and a lot of people aren't going to like my speculation; but, it's too obvious and too evil to not bring up.

Ezra Miller doesn't identify as a man.

We're living in a culture that doesn't condemn the initiation of physical violence outright. It's become fashionable for large swaths of the population to advocate for physical violence against people who are saying the wrong thing. Still, at a certain level, most of us understand that man hitting a woman is different than a woman hitting a woman or a woman hitting a man. It's all wrong and nobody is ever justified in initiating physical violence over a bout of bickering; but, most of us get that a person who is seven inches taller and fifty pounds heavier than the person that he's hitting is a totally different story than the other way around.

So, by mere accusation, Johnny Depp had his career on hold for half a decade because he was characterized as a man who was hitting a woman.

The thing is, we're also living in a culture that demands that we lie about biological sex and gender. There are a lot of people - too many - who can watch Fallon Fox break a woman's skull and say, "Stunning and brave." while shouting "Transphobe!" at anyone pointing out that a biological man just beat the hell out of a woman.

Ezra Miller himself, upon being arrested for assaulting a woman, became irate when the officer called him "Sir" and spouted a bunch of gibberish about how misgendering him is a hate crime in the USA (it's not).

We're living in a culture in which a woman's statement about her rapist was altered because the rapist identified on the LGBTQ spectrum and the publication wanted to use the rapist's preferred pronouns.

So, are we really going to deny the possibility that Ezra Miller is getting a pass because he declared himself a transgender non-binary and uses they/them/their/it/zir pronouns? Are we going to deny that there are a lot of very loud people who will come in the Miller's defense, not for what he did, but if anybody actually calls him "him" or "he" instead of his preferred pronouns or refers to him as man who is a serial abuser of women?

I know I'm gonna get flack for this. Come at me. Ezra Miller is a man who has taken no hormones and undergone no surgery who has assaulted several woman and he's getting away with it because too many people think that being polite to the assailant is more important than justice.

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