Why Do People Post Negative Stuff About STEEM? Do They Need Attention? Or Do They Just Like To Be Negative?

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I am serious about this.

Why do people post negative stuff about STEEM? What is the motivation?

Obviously, there are some things wrong with the STEEM blockchain and with Steemit. There is no way to deny that. It is pure foolishness to stick our heads in the sand and believe this is nirvana.

However, when I see a post spelling out what is wrong, I wonder what is the motivation? Why does this person do this?

There are some who post stuff in an effort to make a difference. That is commendable. They focus on a particular problem and either offer up a solution or create a forum for discussion. The challenge with the second part is that with the way some people are on here, especially some with a lot of SP, rational discourse seems to be lacking. Nevertheless, there are many wonderful posts that present a problem with potential solutions.

Sadly, that is not most of them. Instead we see people offering up articles that amount to bitchfests. Oh boy, another article about how paid voting bots are ruining STEEM. Does the author think he or she is citing something new? Is there any analytical value to this? Without a solution, what is the point?

Oh I think I know; people like to complain. Here we are on an ecosystem that has a monetary value that we all have a piece of, to some degree, and people want to crap all over it. Do you drop your pants and lay a big one in your own living room? If not, why do people prefer to do it on here? You do realize that newer people are continually coming on here, reading what is posted.

Isn't it funny how we all want to blame the media for the FUD the last few months. The truth of the matter is that STEEM does not rank high enough for the media to spread FUD about it. STEEM is not on their radar. Therefore, all the FUD spread about STEEM is by the people on here, those who hold STEEM. How smart is that?

Here are some names for you; these are people who post articles citing problems yet always looking to offer solutions. Ironically, they are not posting everyday about this stuff but rahter, once in a while. When they do, I take notice because they usually offer up good ideas.


These are people on my feed that I follow who present solutions to problems they see. While I might not always agree with what they perceive or offer up, they are at least trying to make things better.

Think about this before posting an article shredding things apart on here. To start, consider who will read it? Do you want to discourage newer people? If so, why do you want that? Do you feel the system unfair because you can't buy your way into being a whale or orca? Or are you miffed that you didnt reach the trending page in 3 days?

Speaking of that, for all those who want to complain about the trending page, here is a solution for you: Do not read it. Since it is nothing but paid advertisements and people gaming the system, ignore it. See, problem presented, solution provided.

Here is the secret for success on the STEEM blockchain: Worry about your own account and ignore what others are doing. There is money to be made here. I am watching an account that is barely a week old and it already earned about $100. Do you think that same money is made on Facebook and Twitter, accounts that are much older? Not even close.

Another interesting observation is that, according to the stats posted by the likes of @penguinpablo and @arcange, posting has decreased the last few months. This tells me that people get discouraged as the price of STEEM went from $10 to sub $2. It is ironic since, according to the stats, the amount of posts each day decreased by about 1/3. We all know how hard it is to get noticed and people stop posting when they should be doing the exact opposite. With less posts, your chance of being seen is increased.

One of the major problems, from what I hear, is that Facebook became a cesspit for negativity. People who have a decent self worth don't want to be hit up with that stuff. As @wwf points out, many are simply addicted to the violence. They crave the trolling, the confrontations, name calling, etc... Of course, most engage in it since it is acceptable behavior over there. Few have the balls to stand out in a crowd and operate on their own. This is why people commit acts of violence after sporting events, acts they would never do on their own. Yet when hundreds are doing it, they will join in. The same thing takes place online. Mob mentality at its finest.

I write articles each week espousing what is going on with blockchain and cryptocurrency. For all the negativity that is spread, we are sitting upon an absolute diamond mine. People who fret about missing the Internet are rewarded for being here at this moment. We are embarking on something that is 100 times more powerful than the Internet. Each article I post is detailing another project in the cog of this machine that is changing the world. Do you see it? Sadly, based upon how many act, they do not.

Let me propose it this way. You have a choice of multiplying your account by $100 per SP or by $.50. Which do you prefer? Unless there is something really wrong with you, the $100 per SP is the answer. Now, before you post that negative, non-solution article, pretend that your words mean the $.50 comes true; do you post it?

Before you go claiming I am being a bit over the top, do you think a bunch of whiners and complainers are going to move the price of STEEM up? Do you think people posting about all that is wrong without doing a single thing to try and fix it is going to get STEEM to $100? Personally, I do not believe that is the case.

There is a ton going on with this blockchain. Keep in mind, it is only about 2 years old. Yet, for something so young, the development is making my head spin. Almost daily I come across another project that is starting on here. What this tells me is for each one I see, there are 10 others being discussed. This is a hotbed for creation which means, at some point, big money for this blockchain.

The question is do you want to be a part of it or are you going to post negative stuff to make yourself feel better?

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I deleted FB a few weeks ago and I was near my friend limit at the time. There's always the problem of perception of what is valuable in a post and that the vast majority of the good content creators here still do not make it.

I did some math recently while calculating taxes and feel that upvote bots don't really help minnows. It's become a force for recentralization of wealth, however I believe this only slows down the distribution of wealth, not sending it back in the other direction toward the whales.

But long term, those who invested in Steem will do well even if they don't earn that much posting.

PS - I've seen a sharp increase on the number of people upvoting their own comments recently.


Thanks for the read @zoidsoft.

Could you clarify the second paragraph in this comment for me. If I read it correctly, you say that upvote bots do not help minnows....it does reallocate the wealth but using bots slows down what would take place....

Am I reading that properly?


Yes. I haven't seen any benefit really except in the reputation score which of course makes the score less accurate when upvote bots can affect the score. If I was writing this algorithm, I would separate the upvote bots from any effect it can have on the trending and hot pages (and rep score) and just set it up to affect the promoted tab. Then require the upvote bots have greater distribution to those using them (as it is now, >99% of those rewards go to the bots themselves).


Thanks for the clarification @zoidsoft.

Being one not to use bots, I didnt know for sure...but intuitively, I didnt think they were a great deal. I see the money people spend to upvote content and make it trending and wondered if it was worth it. I never put pen to paper to see what the results were and I am glad you did.


To put it another way, bots create skewed reputation results, not much help for the minnows and slowing of wealth distribution.


The skewing of reputation I was able to grasp onto. Now that I see how you statistically showed how the bots dont really favor newer people (or older ones for that matter), it makes sense to promote this point.

I think we should lower the payment threshold from 2 cents to 1 cent.

I think it's all mindset, people coming from the old mindset enjoy complaining in some weird way, I know I've been guilty of this in other areas of my life. It's almost like giving up belief is easier, and there is a lot of FUD in the media, so when price goes down people complain about the platform even though it's performing as it should be and the problems are being resolved as solutions become available.

It's just easy to bitch about stuff, same goes for bitching about jobs, half the people here in my office are like woooooo Friday! or Booooo Monday :( instead of changing things for themselves. Myself included though I hope to be changing that next month as I am becoming more and more abundant in my mind and my fears are dissipating because of it.

I think people don't realize the consequences of their actions, it just adds FUD to FUD and prevents the platform from taking off sooner


It all takes on added meaning @jakeybrown when you add the metaphysical component to it all. What is put out there is imprinted in the Ether....hence we see why people are consistently sabotaging themselves. The negativity put out only attracts others who are into that. This creates the self fulfilling prophecy.

Few realize they create it themselves.


Exactly, it's like we complain and complain about these things, and that just emphasizes the things we don't actually want like wars and banks and all the systems that no longer are beneficial to us. We bitch about them but don't move onto new things, crypto is a great example.

Well, I have noticed time and time again that people often choose to focus on the negatives rather than the positives. It's not only about STEEM, people do that for everything humanly possible.

There's this YouTuber I'm watching, he's creating videos about lucid dreaming. And he made one video talking about his most view video. This most viewed video was about the negative effects of lucid dreaming and he was really surprised why does a video that focus on negatives performs the best in terms of traffic.

It seems like no matter how good something can be, majority will simply focus on the negative sides. Sure, STEEM and Steemit does have many problems, some are really big problems, but in the end, there's much more positives things that are already in this blockchain and a lot more positives that are coming our way.

It sounds like the natural thing to do, is to be happy about the awesome opportunity that we have here on STEEM blockchain that allows us to earn money, but people are still not happy about it. I guess, the natural thing for human behavior is to focus on the negatives.


After reading your comment @trendo, I am left with the question is it natural or is this the conditioning of a scarcity society?

After all, are many responsible for what was drilled into their heads over the decades? We know the bankster controlled society has done a number of all of us. Many are still stuck in that muck, believing it is a dog-eat-dog world. This is what the banksters want. The media portrays this....everything is a competition....the "successful" are heralded and regaled while the rest are left to crave and be envious.


I think people tend to lean more negative and be pessimistic when things are slow, downward and not going the way they thought they would. It's human nature to look for the negative in all things and people.

Coincidentally most of the people you mentioned who post about potential problems as well as countering the post with possible ways to correct or improve the platform are people I follow and get ginabot notifications from when they make a new post.

I can't speak for the people who just vent or rant about the negatives. But I believe people need to be proactive in a positive way to make change happen.

I've always been a go-getter even when times were rough. My parents taught me to stick with it, work hard and eventually the pay off comes. I have been 100% dedicated to steemit since last July when I joined and have no plans on slowing down. When I find something isn't quite working, I look for a new creative way to attract other members and gt more visibility.

Reading your article is a nice way to come back from taking a break. It was really needed and I'm glad I took it. I'm also glad that I started following you because you always have such a positive mindset about things. I appreciate that you look on the bright side, even though things aren't perfect. Yes, we need to be a community that looks for solutions, not just complains about problems. Regarding Trending:

Do not read it. Since it is nothing but paid advertisements and people gaming the system, ignore it. See, problem presented, solution provided.

I like it! I don't use the tab. I don't really care what's trending, I care what the people I follow are saying. If it's worth it for me to listen to what they have to say, then I'll follow. Otherwise, trend away... it doesn't affect me. :)


Not everything is pollyanna but there is a lot of value here.

STEEM is already the leading blockchain. Everyone else is going to have to play catch up. Each post on this blockchain only makes it bigger for the Google bot running around indexing everything. Over time, we will see more organic growth than most of the others combined.

That is the value of a social media site on top of a blockchain. The biggest sites in the world, according to ranking, are Youtube, facebook, and google...no surprise they all are social media (google is search obviously).

This is why people commit acts of violence after sporting events, acts they would never do on their own.

Alcohol and testosterone is a dangerous combination. 😏

Yeah, I don’t get the negativity for the sake of negativity of posting about Steem/Steemit. If you think this is a doomed project, why bother staying here even one more minute? Just power down, cash out, and go back to FB.

A lot of people think they are complaining about the entire platform when they are really just complaining about Steemit. A vast amount of users are ignorant to the power of Steem and all the dApps being created on the daily.

In the end I think the truly worst quality one can have here is impatience. We are living in an I-want-it-now age where many users resemble whiny brats in a car asking, "are we there yet," every five minutes. Seriously though, we will get there when we get there and not a moment before we get there are we going to get there.

Patience is a virtue.

Well, not all of us are cut out to slob the knobs of the people creating the problems.
I know i would much rather create the new world, but those that go along to get along will never stop doing that if i do it, too.

Perhaps if you were told that your content need not apply you would have a different viewpoint.
You used to put out content that stood up for the little guy, but now thatvyou are a golden boy, not so much.

As long as you continue on like nothing is wrong it will never change.
Why would they, you are ok with it.


Did I say nothing was wrong? In fact, I believe I wrote in the article that there are problems.

Did you even read the article or just go based upon the title?

What does this mean to you?

Obviously, there are some things wrong with the STEEM blockchain and with Steemit. There is no way to deny that. It is pure foolishness to stick our heads in the sand and believe this is nirvana.

As for slobbering with the ones creating the problems, I would be curious to know who slobber with....

As long as you continue on like nothing is wrong it will never change.
Why would they, you are ok with it.

I guess you totally misunderstood the entire article. I believe I mentioned offering up solutions....not saying that all is well.

I am sorry that the point was not espoused in a manner that is understandable.


Ok, how about not producing content that finds favor with the circle jerkers?
You know, like going on strike?

Instead of producing what we can agree is often 'good' content and creating value for the circle jerk, instead you produce shitposts guaranteed to bring whale derision?
Instead of playing their game and being rewarded for being a good little boy, how about you organize the folks that will rebuild from the ashes when the reward pool rapists move on to rape something else.

Everytime you produce 'good' content you are extending their time to play out their scams.
You decrease the pressure on them to change things.
Why would they change when they still have content creators playing along?

As for solutions, ive been clear about what i think fixes it.


So you solution to shit posts is for everyone to create shit posts and nobody create good content? So sabotage the system?

Isnt that akin to burning your house down to get even with the bank?

So let me ask you, if everyone created shit content, what happens when DTube and other apps jump ship? How are you going to bring something from the ashes when you have EOS coming online and possibly losing apps on STEEM to there? What kind of message does that spread to all the developers who are creating stuff on here now? Do you want them to take their creations elsewhere?

Sorry to disagree but I think that is a quick way to becoming Myspace. 1M accounts is a significant amount but really just a rounding error in the online world at this point. You do not get ahead by taking a brand and drilling it into the ground.

As for you comment about the little guy, I can see you care none for that person. Do you really think destroying this would affect most of the whales? Do you think what they have in STEEM is all they have? The reason why the investors were able to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars into this project is because they had it....they werent poor people.

Of course, you approach take the people who are making a living off of STEEM, those in third world nations or having STEEM as a second income in their homes and cuts them off.


We got shit posts on all the trending pages as it is.

Things are this way because the folks with the keys to the code want them this way.

We've already wasted over a year doing what those controllers want, scamming and raping the reward pool to benefit the whales.
They are unlikely to change anything until it becomes unprofitable.
The fastest way over that wall is to collapse it, and start over.
I can see why you would be against that.
Can you see why i favor it?

We are gonna lose to eos regardless because @dan is aware that a growing userbase comes from cultivating diversity, not raping it, but stinc has refused to recognize that despite a year long experiment proving what was known before the hardfork.

Bring back the n(something), slap a 100mv voting limit on it, and wait for the userbase to grow.
Instead we carry on duping the newbs and raping bigger fools like that is going to continue to work in the long term?


The large investors are just gonna have to suck it up for a year.
If steem was made attractive to the little guys steem would stand a chance of mass adoption.
Until then, it will stumble along as a scam coin that only fools buy into.

I dont know what it will take to change where this ship is going but im starting to hope for icebergs.

As for those little guys eating from steem today, do you even have a clue how much vote bots and delegation suck from the value of the minnow votes they are getting?
Its safe to say that the little votes that they do get would increase four fold.
Instead of dimes, they would get 40¢.
Check the math, i dont want you to take my word for it.
When the hard fork allowed all that idle sp to come into the vote pool it screwed every single little account out of any chance of getting rewarded.

I agree with you @taskmaster4450 that it depends on how we frame the so-called problems and whether we come from a place of wanting to build rather than destroy.

Like what you said, constructive feedback is good for innovation.

I think from my personal experience using Steemit, I find it hard to find posts I would like to read without scrolling through many others. Sometimes it feels like searching for a needle in a haystack because I find 1 out of say, 30 that I actually want to read.

Has anyone experienced something similar, and has any solution to offer?

In my relative inexperience, I've only tried searching by tags (but even then there is still tons of info).

Thanks so much! ((:

Most people with great Steem Power on Steem are hypocrites.

And that's why you are one of the people that is on my feed. I also follow most of the people on your list too so I must be running off the same page. The posts that you create are informative and positive for the steemit community. Yes there are issues but this is still a very new system that is only growing a the moment.

For something this new there will always be issues but what needs to happen is that we find solutions and work to put in place better practices so that we can all have a better experience.

What really kept me here at the start was the people on the site. The warmth to new users and positivity and belief in a new way of doing things. I hope that we can keep this as the systems grows and it will only add value in the long run as that is one of our main selling points.

This isn't Facebook or any other site so we shouldn't act like the users over there. We can do better.

Speaking of that, for all those who want to complain about the trending page, here is a solution for you: Do not read it. Since it is nothing but paid advertisements and people gaming the system, ignore it. See, problem presented, solution provided.

I've only been following you for a few months sir but this right here is why I'm a fan of your content. LOL

Stupid. Simple. Solution.

I'm not sure why people don't see that right there as a huge solution personally. I myself just go to trending to see what's hot and what's being talked about...But it doesn't have any bearing on how I use Steem each and every day.

If it bothers ya, don't read it. Simple.

I think it is the nature of people as part of a bigger community where views and perspectives will also be diverse. Those that have different views are more likely to express themselves than those that agree due to complacency. That is why it’s important to believe one owns thesis and validate it while engaging with the community.

I think thayt we all know that some things could be better! I am only a small red fish in the Steem ocean! I try to get noticed and I know it is though but I wont complain about it. In stead of complaining about it, I do try to make myself visible but try to be positive.
But I will speak my mind, like yesterday in the comment section of the fighting spam post by timcliff! I do appreciate their efforts to change some things but we have to do this carefully! Making sure that changes are not harming some groups in the ecosystem! It looks like some of the big influencers here forgot how though it was in the beginning!
I did write a post myself about a new post ranking based on interaction (to bad it was relatively unnoticed) and today I did inform my followers about the dust threshold! Is that negative! I don’ Know!
I appreciate that you are always trying to put everything which is good in a spotlight and try to undermine the FUD that is dropped on us!
Keep it going!

There are those that live to complain and rabble-rouse. They are the people who are not content in their own lives so they like to spread misery, after all, misery loves company. I try to ignore these types of posts. They hold no value for me. There enough good, quality content out there that I don't need to read drivel.

Thanks for great post..i appreciate this cryptocurrency..all the best..

Don't feed the negativity. I promote Steemit on the big sheeple sites and I know how it is. I just follow quality bloggers/vloggers who post about what I like and I try to ignore and not get involved in any drama. It is a good blockchain and the only only crypto investing in. Of course the price will pump high eventually.

Negativity affects me, but that shouldn't be a surprise, because it gets to any of us.

That's why, even if I like the writing style or the knowledge of some people here, if they keep spreading negativity, I start(ed) avoiding them.

Of course, as you mentioned as well @taskmaster4450, their posts are also read by new users, and maybe even by people outside Steem, and the negativity is spread and associated with Steem, many times blown out of proportions. That's a shame, given all the positive aspects of this ecosystem!

Yea, people let the moments control their emotions, their emotions control their thinking and their thoughts control what they say or write.

Some are simply looking for sympathy upvotes with no regard to the goose.

Probably out of jealousy and greed? If you don't know how much profit the head flow users make, like any other platforms. This doesn't seem to be a problem. But because of limited numbers of users, plus the unfixable linear rewards. People seem to talk bad about the platform.

The real secret of Steemit: Post daily without any condition of the crypto market or Steemit price!

I'm personally a big fan of Steem/Steemit.

But not every person is the same.

Not every one things the same.

Also, I don't know if Steemit has somekind of competition in crypto, but from other projects, I can say that there are people who benefit/lose from that project so they shill/FUD.

For example, I'm a big fan of privacy coins.

And I know that bagholders from one coin often talk trash about other privacy coins, because they can be a threat to the first one.

Probably it's related to negativity bias - People tend to more focus on negative side than positive side when both have equal intensity.

But I think negative voices are also very important. I'm running Steemhunt app - a daily ranking community based on STEEM blockchain, and complaints are always very important for me to improve the app 😎.

Hi @taskmaster4450 I totally agree with you! There are so many huge projects being developed and other big ones already running in the #1 blockchain in the world with a 2 million tx record and currenctly at over 1,5 million tx today.

People need to realize about this, and start adding value to the blockchain instead of complaining.

What some people get hard to understand is that this first million users of Steem are on an early phase of steem, they can be considered somehow early adopters, and at this stages projects change a million times, lots is being done on the backend, and then from time to time on the interface.

Thanks for helping people open the eyes on this!

Regards, @gold84

I don't know why, though I appreciate much of the speculation I've read in the comments on this post, but I'll tell you it has had an effect on me.

Just today, in response to reading comments on a post about the move of so many steemit whales to eos/ono I decided to hold off on a 5 figure STEEM investment I was planning to make in about a week. I'm thinking now I should wait and see what happens in June. I'm also second-guessing my decision to push STEEM as my #1 pick for a socially conscious investment group that is trying to get together with me to pick my brain about socially conscious altcoins that are also sound investments.

Now I'm not saying I'm off STEEM. It's still my favorite coin. But I am saying that all this negativity does give rise to concern that suggests the wisdom of a "go slow" approach, despite the fundamentals of the coin being so strong. I need to collect more information beyond just transaction times, lack of fees, working beta, etc.

"...Here is the secret for success on the STEEM blockchain: Worry about your own account and ignore what others are doing. There is money to be made here..."

SHOCKER - the best advice for real life is also applicable here - WOW.

Sadly, people generally do what is easy, and not what is right. Being negative is easy, while using one's brain to think about solutions is not as easy for the simpletons. I've thought about it, and here is my solution - UNFOLLOW THEM as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the post!

One one hand, people create a self-handicap when they complain about Steemit, so if it were to fail, they could say "I told ya so." I'm sure others are envious of those doing well and dwell on the negative in an air of pride. Humans also have a really hard time thinking long-term, especially nowadays in the advent of on-demand, quick information. Some people struggle to see the bigger picture and get distracted by the volatile nature of cryptocurrency.

All that said, I've seen quite a few compliments of Steemit, though I must admit that I've only recently joined Steemit, so I don't have the best lay of the land yet.

I really don´t understand that negative posts, especially if I find them on steemit (which is not very comun). I would say that it is all envy, and it probably is... It is the recognition of those people that STEEM and it´s platforms will change the world, and very likely influence this "haters" profits.

It is easier to criticize than provide a solution. I like to point out problems, but am more happy for solutions, but some people just want to nag and whine.


Doing some analysis, mentioning things that others are overlooking, and providing solutions are all valid reasons for posting. All of this falls into the spreading awareness and trying to make things better in my opinion.

Simply just complaining and posting how things suck, well that provides nothing.

Might as well crap on your own coffee table while you are at it (general you, not you in particular).

I find there's even negativity about Steem outside of Steem. the reasoning is not always clear, but a lot of times it's some kind of grudge against the platform itself. Like a day or two ago I was watching Decentralized TV on Youtube and he was talking about EOS, and not only did he not understand the concept of EOS or how it will work, but then he just says "and Steem Sucks" for no apparent reason. I can understand his reasoning based on Steem's less than stellar launch, but Steem is now further along than probably most other crypto projects in serving it's intended functionality. I think the term that suits the content produced by these FUD-Muffins the best is "pessimism porn."

Nega are still nega

People are negative aabout steem because they are mad they didnt buy april ist. I made a post that day that Steem was worth 1.39 and its 3.16 now. And that was in 23 days from 1.39 to 3.16. $1,463.59 was my account value april 1st and today it's $3,419.59 How can anyone question Steem? I wish i apent every cent i had last month on it.

I do it for the attention.

I agree with much of what you say, especially about all the negative posts driving away new users. I disagree with ignoring the trending page as a solution (I admit I mute a fair amount of people tho). One of the selling points is Steemit is supposedly the content curation aspect (which is not working so great as a glance at the trending page typically will demonstrate) . New people ARE going to be checking the trending page and be affected by what is there.

As for why do people make these posts OVER and OVER? Maybe two reasons.

  1. Posts about Steemit make more money then other posts
  2. Posts expire after 7 days (yes they live on, but mostly vanish into the dusty bin of old "demonetized" posts. Many topics are re-posted over and over becuase of this, not just negative ones.

Just t add to this currently 4 of the top 5 posts on trending are about steem or steemit (so steemit exists to talk about itself?) and the top post is a Grumpycat thing that new people are simply not gonna get or be impressed with. This is the first thing a new person sees when going to busy.org or steemit.com