The number of confirmed people in the world did not trigger riots, but because a person began!

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Now that more than 100,000 Americans have died from the new coronavirus outbreak, and many sectors of the economy are struggling to live on the line of life, it's time to assess whether President Trump has fulfilled his obligations and responsibilities.  
An irrefutable conclusion was that he had not. In a rapidly worsening crisis, some chaos is inevitable, not to mention the new coronavirus, the world's worst health disaster in a century. But Mr. Trump has made the damage worse: he has weakened the power of government scientists, called a risky antimalarial drug a potential anti-congenic drug, considered injecting disinfectants into patients, touted the whimsical nature of the new coronavirus's miraculous disappearance, and refused to use a mask in public by example.
On 3 January, his government received the first official notification of the discovery of a new virus in China. Over the next few weeks, scientists, the CIA, epidemiologists and national security aides issued warnings. When Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Aza told the president on January 30 that a major epidemic was possible, Mr. Trump said he was "alarmist" and continued to publicly refute the threat, the New York Times reported.

Stubborn, tough, not accept bad news, eventually led to the number of confirmed people to reach the world's first, the current rapid growth of Brazil may not be more than the United States!


On American soil, the disease of race has been uncovered time and time again, each time accompanied by violence, conflict, but never cured.
In August 2014, after Michael Brown, an African-American youth, was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, the violence against people of color in the United States was once debated across the united states and around the world.
Six years on, America is still the United States. The anger over the death of "Black Floyd" ignited in Minneapolis and spread rapidly across the country. President Trump's series of irresponsible statements of "thugs" and "shootings" seem to have added fuel to the fire, with the entire United States smashing and burning, burning like a battlefield.

The case is one of many high-spending protests in recent years that have led to violent police deaths among African-Americans.
In 2019, U.S. police killed 1,099 people, according to the Police Violence Statistics website, and there were only 27 days of police deaths in the year. Blacks make up only 13 percent of the U.S. population, but 24 percent of the 1,099 people are black.


Screenshot of police violence map website

Portland is the largest and most populous city in the northwest state of Oregon. A peace vigil in Portland quickly turned into rioting and looting on Friday night, RT reported on May 30.
Video shows protesters setting fire to the city centre, smashing windows and spraying anarchist symbols and anti-police slogans on buildings. During this time, they broke into the Monaoma County Justice Center, the headquarters of the local police station and the location of the prison.



In Minneapolis, the epicenter of the storm, things are escalating. A Twitter video quoted by the US NEWS website KMBC showed someone smashing an ATM and setting a gas station on fire.


All kinds of news came to the fore. The outbreak, the riots, the good luck, the world is not there yet!

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