German Start-Up Changes Content Forever (Massive ICO)

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This article provides a business analysis of a new ICO: COPYTRACK
This piece is worth a read if you are interested in COPYTRACK, searching for new ICOs, are passionate about decentralization & cryptocurrencies, are an art or other content-type enthusiast who rewards creators, or simply want to get a grasp of how to analyze companies from a purely business point-of-view.

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Table of Contents:
Part 1: Introducing COPYTRACK
Part 2: Essential Information about COPYTRACK
Part 3: SWOT Analysis
Part 4: VRIO Analysis
Part 5: Valuing a Company
Part 6: Due Diligence
Part 7: TL;DR

Part 1: Introducing ICO: What is COPYTRACK

This project hits a major market: Intellectual Property Protection.

The internet has seen a shift recently to genuinely caring for rewarding content creators. But still a vast majority of content creators have a hard time protecting the content they create.
Here’s a project that is genuinely thinking of an innovative usage of blockchain technology to solve a major issue, and its solving the problem in a means that could otherwise not be possible if blockchain did not exist—this is a true utilization of blockchain tech so the blockchain-enthusiast should have their eyes open on this ICO.

COPYTRACK will redefine the way creators will protect, track, and monetize the content they create. COPYTRACK will give them full contract to monitor their content and who uses it; this is not possible at the moment and much of the content on the internet is utilized without permission from the creator.
An important point to note is that often people utilize content and are willing to pay for it; just, they don’t know who to pay and how to pay for it. With COPYTRACK, they will have clear information on how to rightfully reward the creator of content they want to use.
This project is truly what blockchain is about in terms of market equilibrium. It will bridge creators and consumers in an easily, simple, and seamless manner that will remove all barriers in rewarding creators and making the market of content-creation more fluid. It’s essentially making the internet a more rewarding arena for content creators and is allowing patrons to easily reward creators.
The CPY token is the means of transacting through COPYTRACK.

The CPY token is the means of utilizing the service; so, the issued token is genuinely valuable.

Part 2: Essential Information

Ticker: CPY
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 1 CPY = 1.53 USD
Restricted Countries: USA
Accepts: ETH
Team From: Germany

Part 3: COPYTRACK SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis sheds light on the potential of a potential project.

I’ll be analyzing whether COPYTRACK presents an idea that holds plentiful potential and what would its barriers be.

Strength: It is important to understand what a particular project’s strengths are; these develop into competitive advantages.
COPYTRACK is a first mover in the crypto-market that aims to target the copyright and trademark protection industry. This is one of the most brilliant utilizations of the full-transparency aspect of the blockchain.
As this project will be able to provide seamless and complete transparency to creators and consumers, it will be able to fulfill copyright and trademark protection in a better, efficient, and more economical mechanism than existing copyright and trademark protection services.
Additionally, the internet is at a shift towards genuinely caring to reward creators; COPYTRACK is launching at the horizon of this movement.

Weakness: A grasp of a company’s weaknesses is important; a brilliant idea can be brought down by a single, but mighty weakness in operations, financing, marketing, or a number of other business and/or technical functionalities.
COPYTRACK’s idea is brilliant but existing copyright protection media like Shutterstock already have a strong adoption amongst creators who care to be rewarded.
But creators have a tendency to maximize their earnings so COPYTRACK could push them to quickly adopt their service; this of course, would require a good marketing campaign which will be a costly expense.

Opportunity: While many industries are ripe with potential, some are cluttered with immense competition or even potential downfall due to the advent of market changes or economic shocks.
Creators always seek to be rewarded so ensuring their work is protected is something COPYTRACK could easily push as a competitive advantage. But the most important thing to note is that most people offer their work for free on the internet as being rewarded and tracking created content is difficult.
COPYTRACK could easily revolutionize the internet by making it so easy to protect content that everyone could jump aboard and easily seek a fair reward for the content they create. COPYTRACK could expand the market of paid content creators simply by existing.

Threats: Even the titans of a given industry face threats; the situation is generally worse for smaller projects.
COPYTRACK is paving a new usage of blockchain industry and the degree of content protection it offers is currently non-existent. It’s threat isn’t from present players but future ones.
The crypto industry is flowing with copy-cat projects that free-ride the R&D expenses of early movers like COPYTRACK.
COPYTRACK would have to move quickly to ensure it builds a good market adoption.

Part 4: VRIO Analysis

VRIO analysis gives a crisp and tight snapshot of the odds of success of a project.

I’ll be analyzing whether COPYTRACK genuinely adds value to the overall state of cryptos and whether its value-addition is sustainable and maintainable.

Value: A project is valuable if it allows a better means of exploiting resources.
COPYTRACK’s value offering is massive and easy to spot: it’s improving the equilibrium of content value on the internet.
COPYTRACK isn’t just going to ensure creators get rewarded, it’s going to push everyone to seek value for the content they create because it will be so easy to monitor one’s content.
Everyone wins if this project works out successfully; creators get rewarded, more people become creators as they can seek compensation for their work with ease, and consumers get a lot more content and can easily pay for the content they want to consume.
This project could easily increase both demand and supply of quality, paid content.

Rarity: If a project offers something that can be attained without the blockchain, then generating market adoption will be very challenging. The offering needs to be tough to get without the aid of the blockchain.
There is currently no way of protecting trademarked and copyrighted content with 100% vision.
COPYTRACK’s usage of blockchain could make the protection intellectual property crack-free. By being the only provider of such a service via blockchain tech, this project offers a service that only COPYTRACK has—at least for now.

Imitation: Imitation is a major threat to any new project and it’s important to analyze whether a project’s key service can easily be reproduced by copy-cats.
Blockchain projects are commonly targeted by the hazard of imitation. Since COPYTRACK is primarily existent in the digital world, it can be an easy picking for imitators.
But imitating a project that is already at such a large scale could be challenging as COPYTRACK could build a following far ahead of any new competitor.

Organization: Any company is essentially a successful effort of a group of individuals. Any crypto project’s success heavily rests on the capability of its team to properly manage and organize all efforts and funds.
COPYTRACK’s team has considerable experience with their industry and its members can build the tech necessary to carry out this process.
The challenge will be how well they remain organized as they push into new markets once expansion kicks in. This is a global project and management skills will be the key to success.

Part 5: What is COPYTRACK Worth?

A company can be valued in many ways; 3 common ways are:

  • Assets: You can value a business by calculating the new value of its assets; this isn’t a proper means of valuing a new crypto launch as a fresh business is in growing mode and is likely to have limited resources.

  • Revenue: You can value a business at a multiple of its revenue; the multiple should be derived from its competitors or other industry players.
    This method is also challenging when valuing a crypto launch as most fresh launches have either inexistent revenues or have revenues that are far, far from their true potential and it may take years before they even scratch the surface of the goliath they may be one day.

  • Cash Flow: You can value a business by discounting its expected future cash flows. You can do this by dividing what you think a business may earn, on average, in a given year and then dividing it by a risk-free rate of return.
    I advise using established corporate bond returns (~3%) as an almost-risk free measure of return rather than T-Bills.

I won’t give a figure to COPYTRACK as the answer to that can be highly speculative and a lot of positive or negative bias can seep in. COPYTRACK is trying to provide something unlike anything else. Finding estimates of what it will generate through a view of its remote competitors might provide a heavy spread between potential valuations.
But to give you an idea of what the potential here is, Shutterstock currently allows photographers to protect their images and monetize them on their platform
Shutterstock is currently valued at $1.6 billion.
COPYTRACK intends to go far beyond Shutterstock as it intends to allow creators to not just protect photographs but any form of content. Additionally, as the platform would make content protection nearly effortless, it’s likely the number of creators seeking payment could increase exponentially and they will have no option but to join COPYTRACK’s platform as this is the service they need.

Part 6: Where’s the Due Diligence?

I have made this piece to reflect an unbiased view of COPYTRACK. I cover the essential information, the sector competition, the potential of COPYTRACK, the valuation based on information provided by the team, and curated pieces of data about the project.

Generally, the conclusions individuals derived from due diligence analysis of crypt projects can be quite subjective. I want to avoid attaching subjectivity to this piece. Of course, given the fact that I am giving a thorough analysis of COPYTRACK, this project sparked my interest. But I’m not going to jump into the depth of its feasibility.

You should definitely take the time to evaluate the project feasibility and the prime measures for this would be presented goals, industry potential, community interest, and the team’s competency; team’s competency is perhaps the most important factor.

It’s quite possible that your confidence or interest in COPYTRACK could genuinely increase after you conduct a due diligence. Additionally, conducting a due diligence is always advisable as it allows you to set aside scams from projects that could potentially be major players in their industry.

The team is quite responsive and you can interrogate—ahem, question—them through their Telegram group, which is dedicated to ICO queries.

If you see value in blockchain projects or simply want to join the potential the product’s industry holds, then take your interest to the next step and get to know the project better by contacting the team holding the project’s reins.


As is the case with investments in any security or asset, you should invest in ICOs and tokens only an amount you are willing to lose. Investments in the crypto market are high-risk, high-reward moves and investor due diligence is imperative.

Watch Out

If you intend to invest in the project’s ICO, be sure to utilize the official project website. As disappointing as it may be, scammers are rampant in the crypto market and many try to scam investors through deceptive measures by identity theft of project leaders and phishing measures.

You should only contact official company social media profiles for your informational needs and queries, and you should invest in the ICO directly through the company website.

Part 7: TL;DR

COPYTRACK is building a blockchain-cored platform that will allow creators to protect their content through complete view of how and where their content is being used. It will also allow consumers to know who to reward for the content they consume in an easy and effortless manner.
COPYTRACK could revolutionize the way content is protected and is one of those projects that won’t be possible without the blockchain.

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If all ICO promoters put in this much effort to promote their offerings, it will be a huge service to potential investors to evaluate the opportunity. Great example for others to emulate!

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Thank you!
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Followed. Please check out my latest blog post today on ICOs.

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If you liked the article, please comment--I'd love to hear your thoughts on COPYTRACK.

I always like your project because of a clear mission vision and a good team!

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Yep I like to keep them very organized! Thank you!

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Great job! I found the project very interesting. I've already bought some tokens..

  ·  3년 전

Yep, it's a great project--very promising!
I write detailed pieces on many ICOs--please follow to keep up :)

that is a good presentation

interesting, I had been reading up on the project already but you have really added a few more valid points.
you have my upvote

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Thank you <3
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Very promising project. I joined the bounty.

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Welcome to the team haha!

Their token price is too high at ICO. Make potential investors circumspect about your project

relay good

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Thank you Thank you
I write detailed pieces on many ICOs--please follow to keep up :)